Can You Do A Detox And Still Have A Social Life?


I get asked this question in a round about way all the time! Well, it’s more of a statement really and an assumption that detoxing means no socialising as how the hell are you going to go out for dinner or to a bar or Birthday and say “I’m not drinking, I’m on a detox” […]

How NOT to feel guilty when you slip-up on your diet

forgive yourself

An interstate client of mine wrote to me earlier in the week to get my advice and support on an incident that made her feel pretty crappy. Before I tell you what the incident was, it’s important to know that this client of mine is VERY dedicated to her health & fitness. She recently did […]

5 Yummy Snack Ideas Using My Fav Ingredient…Coconut!


I’ll admit to being a pretty BIG fan of coconut! Coconut oil, coconut cream, coconut flakes, coconut water, coconut flour, coconut flesh…there’s always at least two of these floating around my kitchen. Want to know why I love eating coconut? I’ve written about the health benefits of coconut in a post about fats, here. I’ve […]

The Truth About Fat: The Good And The Bad Revealed


Are You Still Afraid Of Eating Fat? Since the 1950’s we’ve been told to eat a diet low in fat…or even fat-free to avoid increased cholesterol levels, heart disease and obesity…because, you know, eating fat must make you fat…right? Wrong! Still to this day in supermarkets all over the world, you will find a plethora […]

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