Falling In Love Again has been written especially for you – the woman who is ready to call in love…beginning with love for yourself.

You, the beautiful woman who is ready for mega transformation, lofty dreams and lots of JOY.

You are yearning to fall in love again with someone special, and/or ready and willing to fall in love again with you and your life.


Although you are ready to call in love, you feel stuck. You’re uncertain of your direction in life and you lack self-love and self-confidence. Secretly, you even feel undeserving of love at times.

You are dreaming of having:

  • Radical self-confidence
  • Bucket loads of joy
  • Love from others and yourself
  • Positive thoughts and a positive life
  • Body confidence & amazing health
  • Purpose and meaning in your life

You are so not alone. Let’s go after those dreams you desire so much.

As a holistic love and lifestyle coach with a background in personal training and health coaching, I have had the honour of coaching and mentoring numerous women to reignite their spark and call in the life of their dreams. I’ve radiated joy as my clients have learnt to improve their mindsets, nourish their bodies and enrich their souls.

I’ve watched with pure delight as they’ve released limiting beliefs and fears, said ‘yes’ to playing bigger and fallen in love with themselves, first, so they can attract the soul-partnership they seek.


And I couldn’t be happier to share it with you.

Rachel MacDonald“As testament to the woman and coach she is, Elizabeth Rose has created something beautiful, wise and deeply thoughtful with her eBook baby Falling In Love Again. This book is truly comprehensive, laced with helpful how-to’s that will spur you to action and personal stories that demonstrate just how far Liz has come on her own journey towards a self-loving life. She gets what it’s like to be ‘there’, but yearning to be ‘over here.’ You’ll feel that.” – Rachel MacDonald | In Spaces Between
Claire Baker“Knowing Liz, you know she is incredibly passionate about living a life of LOVE – and guiding you to find that for yourself. Which is why Falling In Love Again is such a brilliant, unique toolkit! This guide WILL plant seeds of hope, passion and excitement in your life and empower you (with some seriously useful tools for your mind, body & soul) to propel yourself into a love that you are truly worthy of. Just magic.” – Claire Baker | This Is Lifeblood

Falling In Love Again is…

The ultimate love-guide for transforming you, your life and your relationships. It is jam-packed full of heart-centered storytelling, challenges around your mind, body and soul, plus loads of tools and how-to’s to tackle each challenge and live life fully and with love. 

And you are SO worthy of love and shining brightly. Let Falling In Love Again lead you on your self-loving journey and excite and inspire you along the way.

 Falling in love again

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In this 112 page eBook I explore challenges to do with fear, people pleasing, comparison, exercise, nutrition, body image, self-love, forgiveness, joy – and more.

You’ll find golden nuggets of wisdom on:

+ Your feminine or masculine energies – which one are you most dominant in and how this affects your relationships
+ Self-care and self-love practices including a ‘self-love morning starter’ routine
+ How to cultivate intuitive exercise and FINALLY start enjoying it (plus receive a bonus outdoor workout program)
+ Eating real, clean food. I share with you ‘my complete fridge & pantry food list’, including a sample one-day meal plan
+ Figuring out your direction and purpose in life with thought provoking worksheets to guide you along the way
+ Plus you’ll get inspiring quotes, worksheets, tools, tips and tricks to guide you on your journey towards falling in love again with you, your life and your relationships

Gorgeous, I am a huge advocate of living a life of LOVE and JOY and I’m living proof that if you do the work and believe in yourself your wildest dreams can and will come true.

Are you ready to dive in and see what Falling In Love Again has in store for you?


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