You know, back when I was single, friends would often ask me…


“Aren’t you scared you’ll never find someone? Aren’t you scared you’ll be alone forever?”

Honestly? Never. I always believed that I would find true love again. Throughout years of failed relationships, constantly rebuilding my broken heart and plenty of lonely days as a ‘single girl in her 30s’ I never lost faith in my dream.

Today, not only am I living proof that dreams do come true, but that you can let go of old dreams, make space for new ones, and most of all – let your dreams lead the way.

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I know what you’re thinking – what does it mean to live with harmony and fall in love with yourself? Here at Life with Elizabeth Rose, I teach you what that means in a practical, actionable and inspirational way. The result? You will gain the clarity & confidence to call in the relationships you want – starting with the one you have with yourself – and live life with unbridled fulfillment.

Having worked in the personal development space, officially as a personal trainer & holistic health coach for 8 years, and unofficially for 20 years (sweet-heart — no one gets rejection like a working actress & model!) I’m at the point where I’ve merged all of my skills and life experience together to be of supreme service to you.

And as you may have guessed, I have a sweet tooth for helping women who are searching for their soul mate.

But whether you’re calling in a soul-mate relationship or you wish to reignite your relationship to yourself (mind, body and spirit) – you’ve likely heard these clichés before:

// No one else can make you happy. You have to make yourself happy. (Most often chanted by annoyingly loved-up couples, right?)
// You are what you eat. Your body is a temple.
// Believe in yourself and it will happen. (But you’re so over the waiting).

Sure, even though the clichés are technically true, we still fall into the traps that keep us small, like…

+ Believing (on a subconscious level) that if we just found our soul mate then life would be perfect (and so would we).
+ Believing our body is a temple, yet failing to worship it with the right foods, moves and mind-set.
+ Saying things to ourselves we’d never dare say to our best friends.
+ Giving up on our dreams, because it’s feels safer.

My dream for you is simple, but will change everything.

I dream that you will drop your expectations, review your desires and start loving yourself like your life depended on it (because it does).

And because I believe:

+ You can — and are entitled to — have more than one soul mate.
+ You can love again even if you’ve had your heartbroken – especially if you’ve had your heartbroken.
+ Self-belief, self-care and unwavering fulfillment is the ultimate foundation for a relationship that rocks your world.
+ You can lead a fulfilling life. You can be happy, healthy and confident in a way that is not dependent on your relationship status.

Ultimately, everything you experience here at Life with Elizabeth Rose is created to help you fall in love with your mind, body and spirit.

Elizabeth Rose

The Back Story // How I arrived here:

I grew up dreaming of being an actress – the first dream I pursued with trademark tenacity. In my 15 years as a budding actress I studied at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute and loved living an exciting New York lifestyle.

Along the way I fell into modelling which helped pay the bills and fund my travel adventures.

Despite the excitement, creative highs, adventures and partying, the dark-side of my lifestyle meant a terrible case of systemic candida and other gut issues. My body was screaming for me to reassess my lifestyle (as well as my dreams). This meant channeling my tenacity into a new passion for holistic health and alternative therapies.

This new passion uncovered deeper desires to be of service and while my love of the arts has never faded, my decision to channel my energy into holistic health led to yet another dream fulfilled: love & lifestyle coaching.

Wherever you are on your journey, you’ll get where you want to be sooner (and have way more fun) when you fully embrace self-love and self-care. Let Life with Elizabeth Rose inspire your new vision.

When I’m not serving up self-love & self-care advice both here and with my 1:1 clients you can usually find me:

+ Lusting over the produce at my local Farmer’s Market.
+ Throwing some weights around or my yoga mat down.
+ Dreaming up my next big, bold adventure.

Mostly, I love to write, hang out at the beach, wine & dine with my fiancé, collect crystals & oracle cards, wander-lust through new destinations and work up to the world’s greatest belly laugh.

Delve into Life with Elizabeth Rose, let it inspire you to create the life you desire most.

Here’s to loving you & loving life,

Liz x

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Elizabeth Rose

Professional Bio

Elizabeth Rose is a certified holistic love and lifestyle coach, qualified personal trainer and eternal romantic who helps women call in the intimate relationships they desire, including the one they have with themselves.

Elizabeth believes that when a woman has a strong foundation of self-love, self-belief and electric confidence she can create the life of her dreams.

Her empowering and honest website is a shrine of self-love and self-care that offers practical wisdom and heart-centered inspiration for happy, healthy living.

Having 8 + years experience in personal training and health coaching, plus 20 years experience as a working actress & model (hello, constant rejection!), Elizabeth knows what it takes to heal your life from the inside out and take the small steps toward your bolder vision.

When Elizabeth’s not guiding women to reignite their spark and call in the life and love of their dreams, you can find her ambling through her local Farmer’s Market, enjoying a Spanish feast with her fiancé or planning her next adventure.

You can discover her unique suite of coaching services at lifewithelizabethrose.com

IMPORTANT NOTE: Elizabeth became a first-time mother on 8th April 2016 to her angel, Chloe. Elizabeth will no longer be offering love & lifestyle coaching, and has instead directed her business towards wellness and motherhood as a dōTERRA essential oils wellness advocate. Please feel free to reach out to Elizabeth for more info at liz@lifewithelizabethrose.com

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