Kind Words

I can quite safely say that Liz has changed my life. The transformation I’ve experienced in my mind and my thinking has been incredible, and it all happened so quickly – I’m just amazed, and my heart is full to the brim with gratitude. Liz provided the missing piece of the puzzle for me. Her compassion, patience, encouragement, support, and positivity spurred me on. I looked forward to every single session with Liz, setting goals and action steps that I knew I could achieve; and, most importantly, that I now knew I deserved to achieve. I would strongly urge anyone who is thinking of doing life coaching to allow Liz to make them realise their true potential. I now live my life with so much positivity and gratitude; I wake up every day knowing and willing the day to be beautiful, instead of dreading parts or all of it, and for the first time in my life I feel so much confidence in myself and my ability to find true love. It’s just wonderful. – Emily Bathgate
Liz had a beautiful ability to hold a space where I felt safe so I could be open and express myself without judgement. She opened up my world a lot more through her gentleness, compassion and ability to encourage self-reflection and self-love. Liz gave me tools to help me move forward, build an incredible relationship with myself and therefore have a big fat open heart, which is able to give so much to others, but more importantly, receive love and richness from others.  Our amazing conversations through coaching with Liz gave me personal insight, personal trust and the strength to believe and take action. – Ainslie Deverson
KatieI have recently completed Life Coaching with Liz and could not recommend her highly enough. Liz’s positive outlook on life is a breath of fresh air and her positivity is contagious. Liz takes the time to understand you and guides you on your course to success. She has a natural ability to make your goals seem achievable and instils the confidence to turn your goals into reality. Liz works with you to set clear, achievable and manageable goals for yourself, which helps you stay focused and on track.  Liz is a great mentor and she is very enthusiastic and uplifting. I looked forward to your sessions as I always came away uplifted and inspired. I can honestly say I am in a different, more positive place and I have already made steps to achieve my dream life. I feel in charge of my destiny, which is a very powerful feeling. – Katie Griffiths
PiaI am so grateful that Liz trained me for the WHO Magazine 12 week challenge. After a year of losing the same 3kg, Liz helped me turn my life around. I have so much more energy, I feel healthier and more confident and I sashay now when I’m wearing my size 10 jeans! Liz had a beautiful holistic approach and I couldn’t have got to where I am now without her support and understanding. I am so grateful. – Pia Hazelwood
EmmaSince coaching with Liz I get very excited, which seems strange but true. I get excited about the future and the things that I can achieve; I get excited about experiences that are on my agenda, at work and in everyday life. I remind myself every morning that I am going to have an amazing and fun day and I usually do. I smile a lot and I think about how lucky I am most days. I really enjoyed working with Liz. There was no judgment about the way I conducted my life or the thoughts or feelings that I had. There was a real ‘just give it a go’ attitude that was easy to take on myself and there was no pressure; it was a journey with decisions and actions made together. It was great to think that I had actually made the changes myself, off my own back with guidance, suggestions, feedback and encouragement…and a good few laughs along the way. I sincerely thank you! – Emma Croft
SuzanneI am so happy with the experience I had with Liz after completing 3 months of Life Coaching. I was feeling so overwhelmed with everything before we commenced and it was amazing how after our very first session, I began to feel inspired, motivated and excited again.
Liz helped me to break down my big goals (both personal and professional) into inspiring tasks each session, which has helped create a clear path towards my goals. I now feel confident and connected with what I want to achieve and happy and excited that I’m moving forward.
I highly recommend anyone who needs some clear direction in life, both personally and professionally to contact Liz. She put so much thought and effort into our sessions and I am so grateful for the confidence and enthusiasm I now have to fulfill my goals. – Suzanne Loveland
SamanthaLiz has really helped me understand food and nutrition through her holistic lifestyle coaching. The Paleo concept has resulted in me feeling much more energized, healthy I have managed to maintain a stable body weight. I used to suffer significantly from IBS and was unsure of the cause but through eliminating certain food groups from my diet and then slowly reintroducing them I have been able to identify the causes of IBS. I have also been introduced to almond milk, coconut oil, and some fabulous smoothie recipes. Liz’s approach and support is refreshing and pitched at the right level for me to remain focused & motivated to maintain a healthy perspective…and I now have an appetite to keep learning about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle! – Samantha Allen-Rowlandson
IngridLiz has been training me for the past 6 months. Not only is she a great trainer but a wealth of knowledge on all things fitness and nutrition. Her bubbly and positive outlook on life is a huge motivator. Training sessions are always innovative and enjoyable; she has an amazing attitude and a genuine interest in helping others reach their goals. Her passion for healthy living really shines through and I always look forward to my training sessions with her. – Ingrid Tuffin
RuthLiz is a beautiful soul and warm passionate coach who instantly had me feeling comfortable in her presence. She had this incredible ability to intuitively and gently guide me back to where I need to be and to connect back with myself. She helped me explore a little deeper and get clear on how and what action to take. I left each session feeling inspired and supported and bright from her shining light! – Ruth Balcke
imageedit_2_7525101020As a coach myself, I can see the huge benefit of working with an expert when we feel that our progress is feeling a bit stuck. My sessions with Liz helped to bring clarity to the blind spots that had been holding me back and it gave me the confidence to move forward trusting my heart and intuition rather than being in my head and overanalysing or sabotaging things.  Liz has a lovely style that balances powerful listening, drawing out your own wisdom within and offering suggestions.  In just a few sessions I reached my goals of clarity and confidence to move forward and am currently building a new relationship with an amazing man. Thanks Liz. – Courtney Prosser.

cutmypicSince coaching with Liz, I’m slowly accepting myself and once again understanding that I am enough. I am capable of bringing my many unique characteristics to all my relationships, and my uniqueness deserves to be celebrated rather than punished.  Liz has a warm and caring energy that makes opening up feel completely real and genuine. I had more genuine, open conversations with Liz over three hours than I have with some of my closest friends. Each session was powerful, positive and nurturing.  Thank you so much, Liz. – Tonile Wortley

cutmypic (1)Liz is inspirational and has opened my eyes and heart to so much since we first met. Her unique ability to ask the right questions at the right time in a way that really connects with everyone is so fulfilling and rewarding. Connecting with Liz has made me feel at ease and able to really communicate and work towards my goals and aspirations. I specifically wanted help seeking love and opening up a well-closed-door to my heart.  Liz enabled me to open my mind and heart to so much, all of which I thought had been permanently closed. She got me thinking in a way no one has before, and helped me develop plans and ideas on how I could personally move myself forward. Her enthusiasm, support and positivity brought me to a place where I felt I could achieve anything. In today’s world, with dating apps and social media being such a huge game changer it is easy to just give up or worse become something you are not. Liz helped me to level set my thought process as well as give me some great ideas on how to move forward. Thank you, Liz! F. Murphy

cutmypic (2)I wanted to work with Liz to find clarity and purpose within my relationships. What I didn’t realise was that I was I actually seeking to strengthen and nurture the relationship I had with myself.  Liz beautifully held the space for me to do that. She listened with an empathetic ear but also asked the hard questions when I needed a push. Thank you so much beauty for bringing me back to the most important relationship of all and for helping me to realise my worth. You are an absolute gem!- Meegs Gogoll