My workshops are a sanctuary for spirited women who are ready to soar


Open-Hearted Connection…

In this workshop you will learn specific tips and strategies for becoming more self-loving and self-caring so you can lead a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life. It truly is incredible how much of a difference being more self-loving and self-caring can make, as it has a domino effect on every area of your life in such a positive way. Hooray!

Throughout the workshop, I will lead you through a self-discovery workbook that you’ll work through both individually and in small groups. One of the exercises will be a self-care check list to identify which areas of your health and wellness need more loving attention…this is likely to be an eye-opener.

Enjoy connecting with likeminded women in the break whilst eating yummy chia pudding, nut cheese platters and refreshing herbal teas.

Experience your feminine energy whilst being led through a Kundalini Yoga class (to centre, anchor and ground) by the amazing Rosie Rees from Perth (Melb will have a different instructor). This will be followed by a 15 minute meditation. You’ll be floating out of the workshop on a self-loving high!

Come on your own or with a friend and experience a beautiful and uplifting afternoon (see testimonial below).

Only limited tickets available. For further deets please click here and tickets can be bought below. I look forward to seeing you there xx

P.S. Kundalini Yoga is low impact and is based on breath work. Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move in.

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katehI attended Open-Hearted Connection recently and absolutely loved it. The structure of the entire day was extremely well thought out; each activity flowed easily to the next and the breaks were timed just after a group activity so that it was easy to mingle as you had just engaged with others. The food was a fantastic touch to a very wholesome day and the Kundalini yoga was a perfect way to invigorate and empower all that we had established for ourselves during
the workshop.

I truly loved Liz’s ability to facilitate a large group of women, enabling them to feel cared for, supported and to invite them to participate and share. Her nature is very caring and she is completely aware of how to listen to what people are saying, then direct them with a very pertinent piece of advice or to quote a relevant author’s wisdom.

Liz placed no expectations on any of the group to achieve anything but I really felt that everyone had learnt something new about themselves and were willing to try to engage in more self fulfilling and loving ways to look after themselves – to fill the gap of whatever they were lacking. We were challenged and were encouraged to find goals that we needed but without feeling guilty that we hadn’t thought of it ourselves.

Congratulations Liz, it was a complete success and I truly recommend others to come to any further workshops that you run, to empower themselves to feel the true joys of self-love and appreciation, even if it is in smalls steps to start. – Kate Hare