I’d say there are very few women who wouldn’t like to look like a model and to have the printed proof. The opportunity to get photos of me at my best with the guidance of professionals was extremely exciting and nerve wracking, in the best possible way!

The team on the day were welcoming, comforting and best of all fun! A glass of champers was handed to me and I was perched for make-up. The result was amazing; I’ve always wanted my make up to look that good!!

Once we were underway there were clothes changes, makeup & hair touch-ups, accessories, props, posing tips from Liz and the photographer and lots of laughter. It got easier as time went on as I became more comfortable.

I was speechless seeing the photos. I still looked like me but I loved what I saw. That was an unusual and welcomed feeling.

I never once felt like I was being judged about being a suitable candidate to be in front of a camera. Instead everyone was committed to helping me look my best, making me feel comfortable and ensuring that the day was fun. The whole experience has made me more confident and self-assured about the way I look and I’d highly recommend giving this experience a go for yourself!

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