7 Ways To Create Self-Care Into Your Life


You know, self-care is one of those things (like self-love) that often gets thrown around like a hot potato – it touches your thoughts briefly before being tossed away into the I’ll-do-something-about-it-later volt.

Are you nodding your noggin in agreeance?

It’s a bit of a conundrum, isn’t it? Pushing something aside that you know will be good for you. Perhaps you have some fear or resistance around putting yourself first and taking those initial steps towards a happier, healthier you?

Whatever the reason is lovely, here are 7 ways you can begin creating self-care into your life PRONTO!

1. Define what self-care means to you. Without this clarity first, you’ll be like a deer in head lights! Spend 5 minutes writing down all the things that represent self-care to you.

2. Prepare and organise your food for the the week. Eating nutrient dense wholefoods is always right up there in my self-care routine as it makes me feel sooo good knowing my body is being nourished.

Every Saturday morning I go to my local farmers markets to get my staples such as: organic almond milk, organic fruit and veg, wild caught salmon, grass-fed meat, kombucha, nut spreads, free-range eggs and sauerkraut.

TIP: Kikki.K have a great weekly food planner & shopping list with a magnet to keep it on your fridge! Very handy when it comes to working out your menu.

3. Move your booty. I know, I know…this one always comes up in these kind of posts, but it really is such a vital part of your self-care (as is nutrition), as it’s all about how it makes you FEEL.

Find your ‘sweet spot’ when it comes to exercise. What do you like to do that doesn’t feel like a chore? Yoga, pilates, xtend barre, group classes at the gym, lifting weights, outdoor exercise, walking, swimming? Try a few different varieties until you find a couple you enjoy, then create a weekly program that incorporates them all so you don’t get bored. For example, you may like to lift weights 3 x week, practice yoga 2 x week, and do 1 x weekly coastal walk with a friend.

4. Make time for YOU. So hugely important. This could mean creating a morning routine, going for a walk on your lunch break, treating yourself to a massage, spending some time each evening writing in your journal, watching movies on your couch, meditating, shopping, exercising…it could mean whatever you like, so long as it’s something you would like to do for you.

5. Honour your emotions. We all have times in our life when we feel a little shitty. We could be sad about something, frustrated, angry, nervous, anxious, exhausted…whatever the emotion is, let it be felt. If you need to take time out, honour it. It’s totally ok to not be on your a-game all the time. You are human, afterall. Don’t ever feel guilty about it, ok?

6. Do what’s good for you. And I’m not just talking about eating well and exercising. We all innately know the things we could be doing to make us feel better about ourselves. What are the things you know would make you feel better about yourSELF?

For example, are there some appointments you’ve been putting off that you know you need to attend to (i.e. the dreaded pap smear); is there a creative outlet you’ve been wanting to get stuck into but you never seem to find the time (i.e. a photography course); have you been dreaming about going travelling; thinking about ending a relationship that’s no longer serving you; wanting to quit your soul-less job? Write down 5 things you know you need to do, and map out a plan to achieve them.

7. Practice body acceptance. This one is very much tied up in self-love, but it’s also about being self-caring too. Would someone who truly cared about themselves have negative body image? I would say hardly ever at all. She may occasionally, but she’d know what to do to shift her mindset pretty quickly.

What do you think you could do when you have these moments of negativity? You could start by practicing some mirror work? Difficult at first so please be gentle with yourself, but oh so powerful. The aim is to look at yourself, naked, and instead of nitpicking all the things you don’t like, start focusing on loving all of what you see. Body acceptance means accepting your body just as it is. You can still do things to change the way you look if it will make you feel happier and healthier, but accept and honour what stage you are at now. Give it a try 🙂

If you liked these suggestions, you’re going to LOVE my Open-Hearted Connection workshop that I’m facilitating in Perth next Saturday 29th and Melbourne 4th October. It’s going to be a beautiful and uplifting afternoon spent with a group of likeminded women. I’m so looking forward to connecting with you all, and helping you to flex your self-love & self-care muscles! For all the details, please click here.




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