Body Image + What I Would Have Told My Younger Self

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Aah, the innocence of this very shy 15 year old. This was my first modelling shoot which I begged my mother to let me do. Interesting that I was very shy and lacking in self-confidence considering all I wanted to do was be a famous actress and a model like my mum!

But I was…painfully so.

I was very insecure about my bean stalk body shape and small breasts. It was as if puberty and poor body image kicked in at the same time. Part of growing up? Perhaps, but I think if the media wasn’t so obsessed with flaunting beautiful, skinny girls, teenagers would be in a much happier space.


What I would have told my younger self….

Dear Lizzie

You are a talented, creative, friendly and beautiful girl on the inside and out. From a very young age you’ve been an entertainer. Making up dance routines, doing funny impersonations of your family members, and performing in school plays. Prior to hitting puberty, you didn’t care if you looked or sounded silly. You never worried about your weight, scrutinised over your appearance in the mirror, or compared yourself to anyone. You were just content with being YOU. You have so many special qualities that you should be proud of, and none of them have anything to do with how you look on the outside. Start each day with a grateful heart, knowing that you are loved and liked by many for who you are as a person. Talk lovingly to yourself in the mirror. Do not judge yourself (or others) by how skinny you are, and know this darling…you don’t ever have to waste your precious energy on worrying about what others think of you, if you look as beautiful as the models in magazines and actresses on tv, or about your weight. You are perfect exactly as you are and I love you.


Your Older Self

What about you gorgeous? What would you tell your younger self about body image? Doing this exercise was quite cathartic! It was like I just covered my younger self in a blanket of love, self-confidence and positive body image. I encourage you to carve out some time in your day or week to write a loving letter to YOUR younger self, and then pop back in and leave a comment as to how it made you feel. I’d love to know 🙂


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