How Do You Feel About Valentine’s Day?

Ah, Valentine’s Day. What mixed feelings you bring me. The mixed feelings are dependent on whether or not I’m in a relationship or have a date lined up for when February 14th comes around. Silly really, but for the single ladies out there reading this, you know exactly what I mean (especially if you’re in your 30s!).

Valentine’s Day this year means celebration to me. But not in the “I’ve got a date on Valentine’s Day, woo hoo!” kinda way. I’m celebrating having a gorgeous man in my life who loves and adores me in a way I’ve been dreaming of. I’m so grateful and feel like the luckiest woman in the world! 🙂

thank you for existing

It’s only been 2.5 months, so definitely still in the ‘honeymoon’ phase. We’re going away this weekend for our first little getaway which is exciting…I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t feel nice knowing I’m with someone over this commercialised day (ridiculous really), but you know what I mean. I feel relaxed and happy rather than a little anxious and sad.

Rewind a year ago..

Last year, I was in the very early stages of dating a guy. We had been dating for a couple of weeks before Valentine’s Day and I thought it was moving along nicely…

A couple of days before Valentine’s Day, this guy (let’s call him John) text me to say he had to go up North for a few days for work and most likely wouldn’t be back by the 14th. A small part of me wondered if he was lying, but when he text me pics of where he was, I 100% believed him.

Come Valentine’s Day, John was still away. He did have 12 beautiful long stemmed red roses delivered to my house however! Having flowers bought for me somehow validated that I wasn’t alone on Valentine’s Day…even though I was.

It didn’t end up working out between John and I, and a few months later I found out he’d had a girlfriend the whole time (yep!). So yeah, this year is definitely about celebrating having a gorgeous man in my life who loves me 🙂

My advice…

To the single ladies – I know it’s difficult not to feel like the fact you’re single is being highlighted today, but if you can, make this day about the love you have for yourself, your beautiful friends, family and life. Go out on a date with a girlfriend, go see a flick (perhaps not a rom com!) or go out for a nice dinner and a bottle of wine and have some fun.

To the ladies in relationships – be grateful for having someone in your life…hopefully he’s a keeper!

Love Liz xx

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