Be Kind. Mental Illness Is Real.

Like so many Australians and Kiwis, I am very saddened by the news of Charlotte Dawson’s death. I never met Charlotte personally, but as a young model I always looked up to her as a role model for her being so business savvy, witty, intelligent and beautiful.

Her opinionated and outspoken attitude is why a lot of people disliked her, but I always admired that about Charlotte and understood that this was part of her TV persona. She also copped a lot of flak for her plastic surgery, which I think is unfair. I don’t necessarily agree with it, but we all know how much pressure there is on women in TV and the media to look as youthful as possible.

charlotte dawson

I saw on the TODAY show this morning that cyber bullying could soon be made a crime, with hefty consequences given. All I can say to that is, ABOUT BLOODY TIME!

To the trolls out there who are quite obviously so unhappy with their own lives that they bully others in order to make themselves feel better (the greatest act of cowardice), I hope you have all learned a lesson from this tragic death.

I just wish Charlotte was strong enough to close down her twitter account to remove herself from such personal and public emotional abuse. Social media certainly has its perks, but it’s also a breeding ground for miserable, cowardly, spiteful trolls, who enjoy inflicting serious harm onto vulnerable people through their nasty words.

Let this be a message to all of us that mental illness is real and extremely serious. I don’t think there’s one person out there these days who hasn’t either experienced it personally or known someone who’s suffered from depression. It’s not taboo, it’s real and we need to start nurturing each other and looking out for one another more.

Be kind

I hope Charlotte can now rest in peace.

Liz xx

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