Some Days I Wish I Had Wings…

Do you ever wish you had wings that could fly you somewhere far far away? How freeing would that be? To just take off whenever you wanted, and go explore and have incredible experiences. That’s why we love travelling right? Because we are removed from our daily stresses; we get to escape and be like a little kid exploring a candy store without a worry in the world….just sweetness and happiness.

free spirit

I wish that was me right now…off on an adventure. No qualms or worries, just fun, beaches, different languages and culture. I LOVE travelling soooo much! I did loads of it in my 20s and really miss that lifestyle I was so fortunate to have lived when I was modelling. But I was always a lone soldier. I mean, I was never really alone as I’d always meet other models doing the same thing and made new friends very easily, but I often felt very lonely. I’ve never been on a big overseas trip with a partner…that’s something I’m really looking forward to experiencing one of these days 🙂

I’ve always been free-spirited from as young as I can remember! My mum loves to tell the story of me twirling around in circles in our backyard looking up into the sky when I was about 4 years old. She yelled my name several times to come inside, but I just kept twirling around, arms open, giggling away and enjoying the sun in my face and soft breeze through my hair. When I got my first bike it was pure bliss and freedom! I’d literally come home to eat, and then be off on my bike again with my bestie. My mum knew I was a free-spirit. I also moved cities at a very young age on my own…I was extremely homesick but very independent and very mature and capable for a 17 year old.

My Delicate Heart….

My big heart isn’t feeling very big right now. Or very strong. It’s barely holding itself together. I’m organising my sister’s fundraiser with an amazing woman I only met a few months ago, Jenn Coltton and my long-time friend Simone Morrison (my two angels). It’s proving to be a very difficult process. I never expected it to be so hard asking for help. But it’s mother fecking hard. It sucks. It mostly sucks as the people I thought would support me the most, sadly have not. And you can’t force people to be giving & charitable…they either want to help or they don’t. I imagine telling them exactly what I think, but would never say it to their face as what’s the point. I know it’s nothing personal and that they all love me as a friend…

There are other matters of the heart that have made me want to fly away today and escape, but I’m not ready to share. Sorry 🙁

Thank goodness for positivity eh?! I may feel like staying under the covers all day today, but I’m an optimist at the core of me. I refuse to let shitty experiences shape who I am as a person and control my destiny. Only YOU can control both of those things.

However, today I’m giving myself the space to feel what I need to feel. I’m not doing no sugar-coating. I’ll be better tomorrow…tomorrow is a brand new day full of possibilities and love ♥

Liz xx




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