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Writer’s block. What a pain it is! I’m experiencing it right now and have been waiting for some enlightening inspiration to hit me. I’m still waiting. I’ve even done a search on google for “overcoming writer’s block”! Ha ha!

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Here are some sub headings and suggestions I found on a few different websites:

  • Try writing exercises
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself
  • Examine deep-seated issues behind your writer’s block
  • Work on more that one project at a time
  • Try working on something different
  • DON’T start the day by rereading what you wrote last. In fact, don’t edit or reread what you’ve written for at least a week or two
  • Keep working on what you’ve started, even if you think it’s crap
  • Try setting up a regular writing routine and time, and stick to it
  • Enforce strict discipline on writing something, anything, every day. Regardless of how bad
  • If you can’t write anything else, write this: I am a writer, I still have the ability to write, I will write again

Ok, so some of the above suggestions may be slightly comical but I did find some thought provoking questions on Copyblogger that I did find very helpful! These were:

What was it like when I could write fluently?
Effortless and enjoyable

How did I feel?
Happy, creative and in the zone…the words were flowing through me

What kind of thoughts went through my mind?
Positive,peaceful and encouraging thoughts

What was I doing differently?
Not thinking too hard about it! Letting the topic and the words come from my heart, and writing about things that interest ME.


That last question hit the nail on the head! It’s the posts that really do come from my heart and that I ENJOY writing about that I find easy and effortless and fun! But sometimes I feel like I need to go beyond what I like, to cater for other peoples interests. And don’t get me wrong, everything I write on my blog are subjects I’m definitely interested in, it’s just sometimes I find myself thinking more about what my readers might prefer to read than what I would prefer to write about. Sometimes this works and sometimes it backfires.

My Personal Reasons For My Writer’s Block

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed! You know that stressed out feeling of having so much to do and not really knowing where to begin! Or perhaps you do know where to begin but you’re thinking about all the other tasks and projects you also should be working on. NOTE: be careful of the ‘should’s’ as this always leads to feelings of guilt!

Because I’ve probably taken on a bit too much at the moment plus dealing with my sister’s accident and allocating a certain amount of time each day to hospital visits, I’m feeling rather drained and a little bit stressed and most definitely overwhelmed!

All of which have basically squashed my creativity!

My Tips For Overcoming Writer’s Block:

  1. Write first thing in the morning. Most bloggers and writers I speak to feel the most creative in the a.m.
  2. If you do have too many things going on, make sure you allocate a certain amount of time to each project every day, and make sure you do the important stuff before checking emails and facebook!
  3. Read The Artist’s Way
  4. Get plenty of sleep! It’s amazing how much more creative and switched on I am after a decent sleep
  5. Coffee may help with alertness! And I love writing in cafes…especially opposite the ocean

  6. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you simply can’t get the post out in time…the world won’t end
  7. Write from your heart
  8. Download ‘easy article starters’ to help with ideas
  9. If you’re really pumped for time, invite some bloggers to do a guest post
  10. Do what I’ve just done, and write about not knowing what to write about and give some helpful tips! 😉


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