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I’ve been a Personal Trainer for 6 years and have a strong interest in whole food based nutrition. I love coaching people in making beneficial lifestyle choices to improve their health, vitality, physique and state of mind.

My passion for health + wellness began at a young age. I grew up with a very ‘holistic’ Mum, who has always been into alternative therapies. This greatly influenced me and ignited a keen interest in the human body and taking care of myself. I was 16 years old when I joined my first gym! I love the feeling I get from exercising, plus the health and aesthetic benefits. My goal is to influence my clients into having the same positive attitude towards health & fitness.

elizabeth rose

I’m currently a personal trainer at Goodlife in Subiaco, Perth. I also do small group training at Goodlife, corporate training and mobile training in the privacy of your own home (spaces limited). For all inquiries, please contact me at

If you have just read the latest edition of WHO Magazine and are interested in doing a 12 week challenge with me, please email me with the subject line ’12 week challenge’.


  • Certification III & IV in Fitness
  • Boxing Certified
  • Pre & Post Natal Certified Trainer
  • Advanced Metabolic Typing Advisor
  • Rehab Trainer


  • 5 Years Industry Experience
  • Bulgarian Bag, Kettlebell & TRX Training
  • FMA Strength Training
  • Blogger & Freelance Lifestyle Writer


  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coaching
  • Fat Loss For Women
  • Body Sculpting
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Core & Flexibility


  • “Training with Liz has been a fantastic journey and experience. She is very knowledgeable on healthy lifestyle options and stays abreast of new developments.  She provided me with good, well-structured exercise programs and pushed me to my capacity. I’ve trained with Liz for the last 10 months and she helped me to stay focused and to achieve my weight loss goals!! She is a tough task master but you get the results and that is what you want!! I would recommend and train with Liz any day!” Elisia Coetzee
  • “Liz has really helped me understand food and nutrition. The Paleo concept has resulted in me feeling much more energized,  healthy I have managed to maintain a stable body weight. I used to suffer significantly from IBS and was unsure of the cause but through eliminating certain food groups from my diet and then slowly reintroducing them I have been able to identify the causes of IBS. I have also been introduced to almond milk, coconut oil, and some fabulous smoothie recipes. Liz’s approach and support is refreshing and pitched at the right level for me to remain focused & motivated to maintain a healthy perspective…and I now have an appetite to keep learning about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle!” Samantha Allen-Rowlandson
  • “Since training with Liz I have lost over 10kg’s and gained stacks of energy. I look forward to my training sessions as Liz invents new and varied workouts each session, so that I never get bored. I also really appreciate Liz’s concentration on posture and functional exercises as these have practical applications in my day to day life. I think Liz’s real differentiation is that she genuinely cares about her clients’ health and wellbeing and is determined to help you reach your goal. I started off doing one session a week but now I’m up to two sessions, I’m addicted! I would highly recommend training with Liz.” Catherine Brooks
  • “When I first started training with Liz, I was wasting hours in the gym and eating what I thought would be a good diet and not getting any results. Liz was able to show me how inefficient my training and diet was and suggested a few simple improvements which gave me virtually instant results and enabled me to exceed my goals in a very short time frame. After my initial program of only 10 weeks I have more energy, more confidence and I know what is required to ensure that I never end up the person I was before my training began. Liz is a true professional who takes pride in her work and her various speciality areas of Health and Wellbeing. She will give you the encouragement you need to help you set, meet and exceed your goals while helping you make the lifestyle changes required to stay on track with your health.” Callan Browne
  • “When I started with Liz I wanted to gain some muscle mass and improve my core strength, so I could stand tall and look the world in the eye. I’ve always been extremely active through sport, but constant knee injuries have in the past prevented me from consistent training. Liz took the time to get to know my physical limitations, and we worked together to build back strength around my knee as well as achieving my goals. She sure knows her stuff. Where I used to battle along for hours by myself, in just minutes with Liz I feel the burn. I’ve put on centimetres on my arms, legs and chest, and the results have flowed through to my sport – where I now run harder and feel stronger than ever before.”  Michael Lang
  • “I started training with Liz about 3 months ago. Liz really listens to your needs and gets the results you want. My body shape has changed for the better and the way I eat and live have improved. Thank you Liz for giving me the kick start I needed and for your nutritional guidance…I love your meal plans!” Suzey Luong
  • “Liz has been training me for the past 6 months. Not only is she a great trainer but a wealth of knowledge on all things fitness and nutrition. Her bubbly and positive outlook on life is a huge motivator. Training sessions are always innovative and enjoyable; she has an amazing attitude and a genuine interest in helping others reach their goals. Her passion for healthy living really shines through and I always look forward to my training sessions with her.” Ingrid Tuffin

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