The Secret I’ve Been Keeping From You Is Revealed!

Some of you may have picked up on something over the last 4 months…I’ve been harping on a little bit about raw, live nutrients from whole foods and the bioavailability (the degree to which a substance is absorbed or becomes available at the site of physiological activity) from consuming these foods. It’s a no brainer that everyone should be eating several serves of raw veggies and fruits every day (7-13 servings depending on which country you’re from…that’s 7-13 cups of raw, chemical free fruits and veggies!). But how many of us can actually admit to eating that much every single day of the year? I certainly can’t!

The seminar that rocked my boat!

December last year, I went to a seminar on consuming raw foods and superfoods for athletic performance. It blew my mind and greatly challenged my beliefs on my current nutrition protocol. I’ve been following the Paleo Diet for quite sometime, and have had fantastic results with my clients and also myself and am still an advocate of it. But to be completely honest, my body has been craving a little less animal protein these days and more whole foods in the form of vegetables, fruits and gluten free grains. Yes, I know, I said GRAINS! Eek! Don’t worry, I’m only talking about a little quinoa and sprouted grain bread such as Ezekiel bread. Pasta, rice, mainstream bread and legumes are still out.

In the past 4 months I’ve only had red meat 3 times, which is very unusual for me as I’ve always luurved ma red meat! But my body just hasn’t been craving it. I’m also starting to wonder if the long digestion process of breaking red meat down, is too much load on our bodies. Avid Paleo enthusiasts would disagree…I mean our Ancestors thrived off red meat, right? There’s certainly no denying the nutritional benefits from eating red meat; so when I do occasionally consume it? I eat it in the morning and make sure it’s organic.

To substitute the red meat, I’ve been having a little more fish in my diet – baked salmon twice a week. I still consume chicken, turkey, eggs and plant based protein powders (I’ll be bringing out my own vegan protein powder very soon…yippee!) for my protein source, but my plate is always filled with a much larger ratio of plant material. I still have good fats in my diet, but not quite as much as I used to.

One of the speakers at this seminar was body building champion, Michelle Nazaroff. Michelle has an incredible story. Without giving you all the details as I’m interviewing her on my blog soon 🙂 she basically rebuilt her body on a 70% raw food diet (powered by a whole food nutritional product called Juice Plus+) after being told she’d never be able to compete again for medical reasons. Michelle won the INBA Olympia World Natural Body Building Title 18 months later.

Michelle Nazaroff

This seminar was the first time I heard about Juice Plus+ and I must say after hearing Michelle’s story and how this product supported her in her journey, I was very intrigued to learn more. I have now been taking Juice Plus+ every single day for 3.5 months, have done my due diligence and researched the company and product, and now feel super confident in telling y’all THIS PRODUCT ROCKS!!! You all should know that I’m very careful about which products I recommend as my reputation and integrity are very important to me. I think it is that powerful and essential that people hear about the benefits of this whole food based nutritional product, I have become a franchisee and have linked arms with two amazing women in Perth to help spread the word at various seminars. One of these women is Dr Tamara Hunter – an obstetrician/gynecologist who started her career as an exercise physiologist & personal trainer and has always had one foot in medicine, one foot in wellness. She’s been taking Juice Plus+ for 15years and looks phenominal!!! She always captivates the audience with her knowledge and passion for Juice Plus+. If you live in Perth, feel free to contact me to find out when our next seminar will be….you have to hear Tamara and the gorgeous Sarah Devlin talk! 🙂

This is why I recommend Juice Plus+

Okay, so I’m ready to reveal why I love this product SO much! Eating a wide variety of chemical free, premium quality fruits and vegetables every day is important for good health & well-being, longevity and fat-loss and maintenance. As most people simply can’t, don’t or won’t eat the Australian recommendation of 7-9 cups of raw fruits and veg every day, Juice Plus+ bridges the gap by providing you with a massive amounts of live raw nutrients from 17 varieties of fruits, vegetables and grains with no synthetics or fillers, no wheat or dairy, no detectable gluten, no herbicides or pesticides, no yeast or mould, no artificial additives and no added sugar or calories. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Here are some of the benefits from taking Juice Plus+:

  • Reduces oxidative stress, which is why it is so popular amongst athletes. Exercise induced oxidative stress increases as exercise becomes more vigorous. Oxidative stress can significantly impact on repair and recovery post-exercise and as a result, hinder optimum performance. However, individuals can markedly reduce their oxidative stress and the impact it has on the body through proper micro nutrition.
  • Unlike traditional vitamin supplements, Juice Plus+ provides a much wider variety of naturally occuring vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, enzymes & other nutrients – even fibre found in fresh, raw fruits and vegetables that are bioavailable.
  • Vitamins and minerals that help to improve the absorption of protein to help maximise muscle mass, fat burning and strength.
  • Supports your immune system, reduces DNA damage, improves circulation.
  • Positively impacts several key indicators of cardiovascular wellness.
  • May assist in improving the microcirculation, texture and structure of the skin in healthy women.
  • May assist in keeping you regular.
  • Increased energy and endurance that assists in exercise intensity without reducing post-workout recovery.

Juice Plus

A couple of key points to keep in mind:

  1. The single most important factor that separates Juice Plus+ from the rest of the nutritional pack is the large and growing body of independent, clinical research conducted by investigators associated with leading universities and hospitals all over the world and published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Juice Plus+ is the most thoroughly researched namebrand product on the market today. WINNING!
  2. Juice Plus+ is NOT a substitute for eating fresh fruits and vegetables. It bridges the gap between what you are eating, and what you should be eating.
  3. Juice Plus+ is NOT a vitamin supplement, providing a limited number of handpicked nutrients. Juice Plus+ is a whole food based product providing the wide array of nutrients found in a variety of fruits, vegetables, and grains.
  4. One of the many amazing things about this company is their Children’s Health Study. Any adult taking Juice Plus+ capsules can sponsor a child aged between 4-18 and receive the capsules or gummies complimentary! How generous is that?!

This has been my experience so far

For some people, it can take up to 4 months to feel the benefits. And of course, everyone’s experience will vary. For me, after 4 weeks my energy and endurance whilst training increased very noticeably. It has allowed me to train harder and I’ve subsequently lost body fat.

I’ve also been sleeping better, am VERY regular and my skin is glowing.

Tell me more please!

Juice Plus+ is very affordable! For the fruit and veg capsules alone (they also sell a Complete vegan protein powder which tastes delicious and is excellent pre or post workout or for brekky; a berry blend in capsule form and fruit and veg gummies for children); it costs only $2.50 a day! That’s less than a coffee!

I don’t know about you, but I want to be in a nutrient surplus rather than a nutrient deficit. I feel good knowing I’m taking Juice Plus+ and that my nutrient needs are being met every single day.

All the info you need to order this product is available at my personal Juice Plus+ website. I can also order the products for you if that’s more convenient. Just drop me a line. Any questions you have, I’m more than happy to answer 🙂

Here’s to everyone’s amazing health and well-being!

Liz xx








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