What Exactly Is ‘Clean Eating’ And How Can I Embrace It?


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What exactly is ‘clean eating’?  I think many people hear the words ‘clean eating’ and either don’t understand what it means or think it’s too hard and difficult to embrace in their busy lives.

Clean eating isn’t hard and it is definitely possible to do.  It’s actually a very simple and easy way to eat.

As a Wellness Coach, Nutritionist and Naturopath – I love talking about foods for wellness and clean eating with my clients.  I’m not a fan of diets.  I truly embrace and love the concept of intuitive eating and eating foods which are right for us, as individuals.  There is no one way of eating that is right for everyone.  We are all unique and our bodies respond to foods in different ways.   What we do all have in common though, is that healthy and nutritious foods, in their most natural state, is best for us all.

I encourage people to let go of diets and labels on ways of eating and instead, embrace the simple and back-to-basics concept of healthy and nutritious foods.

Clean eating is just that.  It’s simple, easy to prepare, unprocessed, wholefoods which help us to feel healthy and well.  It’s all about choosing those foods which help us to feel as energised as we possibly can and to thrive.  And we all desire that in our lives!

Whether you are a meat eater or a vegetarian, clean eating is possible for us all.  Whilst I am a vegetarian, as I personally love and feel my very best with plant based foods, I don’t tell my clients that they should also be a vegetarian.  It’s a personal and an individual choice – although, I do always encourage and suggest more plant based foods for us all.

Eating clean foods means choosing unprocessed foods – fresh, ideally organic where possible, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats and if you’re a meat eater – organic eggs, dairy, meats and fish.  The most important thing I say to those who eat meat is to know where your eggs, dairy produce and meat comes from and that organic is always best.

Clean eating has so many health benefits.  When you make the switch to unprocessed and clean foods, we can really feel our bodies responding positively to all the nutrients and we can feel health benefits in so many ways.  Clean foods increase our immune systems so we’re less receptive to viruses, colds and flu (so important in these colder months too), increase our energy levels throughout the day, help us with good quality sleep, improve our skin, nails and hair, improve our mental clarity and concentration, help us enhance our mood, enable us to maintain a healthy weight and to feel generally healthier and happier.  Choosing clean foods is the most sustainable and healthy way of eating for us all, long term.

So, what are a few ways that we can embrace clean eating?   It’s really so much simpler than we all think!

+ Choose wholefoods – foods which are in their most natural state as possible.   I love plant based foods so I include brown rice and other gluten free grains (millet, amaranth), quinoa (a beautiful source of protein), nuts and seeds, legumes, and lots of different vegetables and fruits in season and organic wherever possible.

+ Unprocessed and natural foods – this means avoiding packaged foods and any foods with added preservatives and additives.  If you do have any packaged food, make sure it’s organic and that you understand every ingredient on the label.  And personally, I will never purchase anything with vegetable oil and/ or palm oil.  Eat natural and unprocessed foods wherever possible.  And to avoid added salt is always good too.

+ Eat with the seasons – this a large part of clean eating.  It’s just one of the reasons I do love the mediterranean diet as they eat with the seasons.  Unlike here, where our fruits and vegetables are often picked out of season, left in the store room out the back of Woolworths or Coles to ripen, and we end up purchasing produce with less vitality and less nutrients.  Organic produce is my choice for fruits and vegetables because I can eat fresh produce in season.    Just as my body adapts to the warmer and cooler climates, so does my need for seasonal produce.  And of course, the added benefits of choosing organic are foods free from any fertilisers and chemicals.

+ Embrace cooking and eat home-made foods – when we cook our own food, we absolutely know what we’re feeding our bodies.  Restaurants often use ingredients that are processed, add sauces, or unhealthy fats and oils.  Cooking our own food enables us to truly know the foods we eat and also allows us to put our own loving energy into our food.  This in itself helps us to feel healthier, happier and well.

+ Avoid refined foods and sugars – Ideally, include whole grains and avoid refined white foods and carbohydrates such as white rice, white breads and white pasta.  And cut down or avoid any processed sugar.  Natural sugars in fruits is fine – unless you have fructose intolerance, candida or another digestive issue – and there are many nutritional benefits in having at least 2 pieces of fruit daily.   But avoid those candy bars and sugary sweets – they really do us no favours – along with being empty calories, they have no nutritional value and only cause imbalances in our blood sugar levels which affect our energy levels, mood, concentration and more.

+ Vegetable juices – these are a simple and great addition with clean eating.  Daily juices provide us with even more beautiful nutrients for health and wellness.  It’s an easy and delicious way to feed our bodies with more vegetables and more nutrition.  My morning green juice is a wellness ritual!

See how easy, simple and delicious clean eating can be?  I can really “feel” the benefits for us all, just from writing this piece.

Clean eating is choosing healthy and nutritious foods which truly feel right for us, as individuals.  For me, clean eating is an essential part of health and wellness.

We are what we eat.

When I choose to eat healthy foods that feel right for me, I know I am allowing my body to feel the best it possibly can, and to thrive.  I am passionate about foods for wellness and clean eating because I know my body thanks me for it.

There are many healing properties with healthy and nutritious foods and we all want to feel the best we possibly can, every day.


This INCRED, info-packed post on one of my favourite subjects, was written by the lovely Katie Tymms. Got some lovin’ words or questions for Katie? Leave your comments below 🙂

Katie_Tymms.jpgKatie Tymms is a Life Coach, Nutritionist, Naturopath, Health Coach and Heart-felt Mentor. She passionately believes in the power of courage and strength through adversity and that true happiness comes from embracing life, all it throws at you and continuing on, despite it all. Katie has a deep and committed desire and passion to assist, coach and mentor others to do just this – embrace positive change with courage and strength. Katie loves helping people improve their lives through healthy food choices, natural therapies, and empowering and positive lifestyle changes. She loves to encourage others to be the best versions of themselves and to truly shine. Connect with Katie through her Website, Facebook, and Instagram.


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