Why I’m Already Writing Out My Goals For 2014!

Can you believe there are only 4 months left of 2013? Only 4 MONTHS! I’m already planning NYE…true story! What a whirlwind of a year it has been….crazy fast. And there’s so much I’d like to accomplish in these next 4 months. Things that are going to help shape next year and make it my most successful, abundant, meaningful and FUN year yet. I’m PUMPED! 🙂

Live your dreamGoal Setting…

A couple of days ago I started thinking ahead. Thinking of what kind of year I want to have in 2014 and what I need to start implementing NOW to make it happen. One of my BIG goals for next year is launching my first e-course in January (I have put together a small survey at the end of this post which I’d LOVE you to fill out please ladies!), which means I need to create it this year and start with a serious action plan pronto! One of my faults is definitely procrastination! I know all the tools to combat this, but sometimes I feel I really need to be accountable to someone, have deadlines etc, to make it bloody happen! That is one of the reasons I have hired a PR & marketing agency – to keep me on track. It’s working!

I then began to think of what else I wanted to achieve, so decided to write out my goals for 2014. A bit premature? Nah, not at all. I like that I’m already thinking ahead and visualising what an amaze-balls year I’m going to create for myself next year :-).

Below is what I have written out. Now some of these may change of course or be put on the back burner. They say you shouldn’t make more than 3 BIG goals and a few small, easier to achieve goals per year. I’ve obviously got way more than that, so have put an asterisk next to the ones I want to tackle first. I’ve also only written out goals for 4 different areas so far. I’d also recommend writing goals to do with your health, spirituality, fun (although travel is my fun!), finances, creativity and relationships.

For tips on goal setting, head over to this post I wrote at the beginning of the year.



  • Study holistic lifestyle coaching at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition *
  • Kat Loterzo’s 30K club course *
  • Charles Poliquin’s biosignature modulation certification (March)
  • Marie Forleo’s B-School
  • Presenting course


  • Launch e-course 20th of Jan with a minimum of 20 signups *
  • Run e-course every 8-9 weeks *
  • Create at least another 3 information products by June *
  • At least 4 Model Shoot Project bookings per month *
  • Launch MSP in Melb/Syd
  • Restart my ‘live’ video interviews on my blog
  • Finish PT by April/May and go full-time with my online/offline biz *
  • Double subscribers by March *
  • Triple facebook likes by March *
  • Be an endorser ‘face of’ a product that fits inline with my message
  • Present at various events to do with health & wellness, body image or personal development
  • Outline of first book by May


  • 6 week minimum European holiday with the boy 🙂 July-Aug *
  • At least 2 long weekend interstate trips to visit friends in Melb/Syd
  • Holiday in Noosa & Byron Bay
  • Some kind of retreat in Ubud, Bali *


  • Work on a few limiting beliefs I still have around my potential – perhaps through doing Kinesiology and NLP? *
  • Daily meditation practice for general sense of well-being/reduce stress levels *
  • Public speaking coaching
  • Re-do Denise Duffield-Thomas’ Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp

Your Turn!

I want you to spend 10 minutes RIGHT NOW or on your lunch break, to write your goals for 2014 in a few specific areas of your life. Leave them in the comments below if you’d like to share (can be the whole thing or only your BIG goals, up to you).

I think writing them out on a public forum does something energetically that’s quite powerful 🙂

My Survey

So I can make my e-course truly successful by giving you what you want, I’d be most appreciative if you could please follow the link below to a short survey. I promise it won’t take too long! Thanks so much!


Liz xx

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