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Michelle Marie McGrath is a Self-love Mentor & Lovepreneur. She coaches women who are committed to having a lifelong, loving relationship with themselves. She has a particular interest in encouraging women who are childless or childfree, to embrace their most loving, unlimited creative potential.  She’s the co-author of Love and Oneness alongside luminaries such as Marianne Williamson and Danielle Laporte.  Michelle is passionate about falling in love with all parts of herself, and creating tools that remind others to do the same. She creates Sacred Self’s self-love range of alchemical oils and cards. You’ll find her meditating in a candlelit bath or on Bondi Beach.

Lets start off nice and lightwhat are 3 things about you we may not know?

  • I have 3 planets in Pisces – sun, moon and mercury
  • Lighting candles and incense is one of my greatest pleasures
  • I have a turquoise ankh tattoo on my lower back

Digging deeper now, describe your whythats driving you to do what you do

I feel I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. I believe that self-love is the answer to all perceived issues. These can arise in different forms and challenges and fall into 7 main areas: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, nutritional, sexual and financial. Often we believe that problems that arise in different areas of our lives are not interconnected. This is rarely the case and I love witnessing when a client has a ‘light-bulb’ moment. It’s so inspiring and that’s the only why I need. Reminding women that all the love they are seeking and answers they need are within themselves. It’s amazing to see people empower themselves in this way. Magical!

Keeping a happy balance between your mind, body and soul is challenging for most of us. How do you prioritise this balance of wellness in your busy life?

Listening to my body and intuition is most important and empowering for me. Of course sometimes I don’t listen as closely as I could. Anxiety is always an indicator to see what part of myself I’m not paying enough attention to.

I don’t really believe in the concept of balance. I think it’s a myth. By letting go of striving for ‘balance’, we can let go of misplaced guilt or frustration by not feeling we are where we ‘should’ be. For me, the key is to focus on what I feel passionate and energised by and spend most of my time on these areas. To me, that’s what keeps me in a state of wellness. I’ve always been interested in natural alternatives and the spiritual realm since I was young and this has always supported my wellbeing.


You have won $10,000 to spend in one day. The rules are that you can only buy things that will improve your health &/or progress your businesswhat would you spend it on (go nuts!)?

I would spend it on launching some new products I’ve been working on, buy ingredients and have some work done on my site (never-ending!). I’ve also been wanting to create some videos.

After that busy day, I would have to book myself and a girlfriend in for a spa treatment and organic dinner at somewhere gorgeous like Agape Organic Restaurant in Sydney.

Comparisonitis weve all experienced it either professionally or personally. What are your strategies for dealing with this icky feeling?

It’s an interesting one, but thankfully not something I experience too much of these days. This external focus and need for validation in our Western society is typical, but so disempowering. With our focus on social media, it’s easy to get caught up in the highlights and forget that everyone has off days. The low moments are just not something that people share very often. There’s a tendency to forget this truth.

When I experience comparisonitis, I try to remember that we are all unique and equally valid. I may use hypnotherapy, EFT, go for a walk, meditate or journal. I turn to self-enquiry and explore what is revealing itself. This person I’m comparing myself to may be highlighting some qualities that I’m not fully owning. It can often be a reminder to step into a deeper aspect of my own Being. E.g. ‘she’s having a book published’ to a reminder to create time in my schedule to write more regularly.

Whats been your biggest challenge in your online/business journey, and what one piece of advice would you like to pass on to other female entrepreneurs?

Having an irregular source of income, which changes every day/week/month is definitely a challenge. I’ve made this much more difficult for myself than I’ve needed to as I’ve not been as flexible with ways to earn as I could have been. I would advise anyone to be really gentle with themselves. I’ve never really enjoyed working in an office environment and so since leaving that set-up, I’ve been incredibly resistant to going back into it, even occasionally. Although I fully admit, it probably would have been less stressful than worrying about how I was going to pay for my rent that week!

If you have a full-time or part-time job whilst building up your business, you’re actually being smart, rather than thinking it has to be ‘100% all in, overnight’. I know it can be frustrating when your heart is not fully in it, but try to see it as funding your dreams. As long as you are continually taking even small steps in the direction you want to go in, you will get there!


Your perfect dayin a snapshot is

// Waking up naturally feeling rested after a deep night of sleep and inspiring dreams

// Going for a walk on the beach, meditating and setting my intention for the day

// Filling my space with divine smells and crystals as I create my products to send out to their new homes around the world

// Spending time laughing with loved ones

// Eating healthy, yummy food

// Reading inspiring words

// Daydreaming about my next trip – I love travelling

In this moment I am

Feeling: blessed to live so close to the ocean

Loving: regular baths with Epsom salts and Alchemical oils

Believing: that the Universe is supporting me

Ah, what a gorgeous interview! I truly felt so inspired after reading Michelle’s words, how about you? Feel free to leave Michelle a comment below, we’d both love to hear from you 🙂


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