5 Steps To Ultimate Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is essential in many aspects of our lives, yet so many women struggle with it. To go after the job you’ve always wanted, to go out on a date, to be assertive in certain situations, to wear something sexy for your partner and to feel good about YOU; all require self-confidence even if you need to fake it till you make it!

Below is a 5 day plan to help give you more self-confidence. I recommend doing only one day at a time, but there’s no rules on how you’d like to achieve the 5 steps, except for this…commit to doing all of them 🙂


Day 1. Self-confidence is self-love!

As women, we spend far too much time criticizing and comparing ourselves to others in the endless pursuit of perfection. NEWS FLASH LADIES…you can only be the best version of YOU. Sure you can improve aspects of your personality and your looks through personal development, good exercise and nutritional habits, hiring a personal trainer, a new hair-do etc, but focus on ways of enhancing the body and soul you were born with rather than becoming someone that isn’t YOU.

Action plan: Today, I’d like you to write down 10 things about yourself that you love. Aim for a mixture of mind, body and soul attributes. Write it in pretty colours and stick it somewhere you’ll see it every day 🙂

Day 2. Look good feel great!

What you dress yourself in has a massive impact on your self-confidence as your clothing is a representation of you and your style. I know you can relate to feeling fricken awesome when you put on a dress that fits you like a glove, or wearing some new, sexy lingerie! You know that feeling when you leave your house looking and feeling fab? That’s confidence girlfriend! And guess what? It resonates from you and people notice it!

Action plan: Today you’re going to do a bit of a spring clean of your wardrobe! Grab a bag and chuck in there all the pieces of clothing, underwear and shoes that you don’t feel fantastic and confident in! ALL OF THEM. And then treat yourself to a new item that makes you feel awesome! For a bonus confidence boost, do a good deed and give away your bag of clothing to charity.

Day 3. Challenge yourself

What have you been procrastinating over and putting off? Is it something you know will improve your life in some way but you’re too scared to do it as it’s challenging? Perhaps it’s a hobby you’ve always wanted to take up, or a career or personal development goal. When you conquer something challenging, the rewards you get far out way the icky feeling of actually doing it! For example, I did my first radio interview this Monday and let me tell ya, I was pretty nervous leading up to it! But I knew it would give me personal and business growth plus a boost of confidence from achieving it, so I stepped up to the challenge! And boy was I on cloud nine and a confident little bunny for the rest of the day. That feeling….priceless 🙂

Action plan: Pick one thing you’ve been putting off and take the first step to achieving it TODAY.

Day 4. Acknowledge & celebrate your achievements

This is really important. It’s easy to think about and all the things you’d like to achieve or improve; in fact I bet you do it all the time! How about acknowledging what you already have achieved and improved in your life? 2013 is nearing the end, and I bet there’s heaps of things you can reflect upon in a positive way.

Action plan: Today I’m going to invite you to write a list of all your wonderful achievements you’ve accomplished for 2013 in all the different areas of your  life. For example: health, career, relationships, personal development, financial, spiritual and leisure. Go all out Bella! Give yourself a massive dose of self-love and notice how it makes you feel about yourself. Mwah xx

Day 5. Fake it ’til you make it

Hopefully by day 5 you’re feeling like the confident woman you know you can be and truly are. And if you’re not quite there, or you have moments when you lack self-confidence? Become an actress and fake it ’til you make it! Now I’m not suggesting you do this all the time, as you don’t want to become a fake person and mask underlying self-confidence issues. However, if you’re going into a situation such as a job interview or a date with someone new, it is totally ok to fake a bit of confidence to pull you through :-). And guess what? By acting confident and facing your fears head on will most likely give you more innate confidence anyway!

Action plan: The next time you find yourself in a situation where you can feel a lack in confidence, imagine being an actress playing a part in a movie. The role the actress is playing is a beautiful, confident woman who goes after what she wants with absolute conviction and self-confidence!

I really hope these 5 steps are helpful Bella. If you give them a go or have some of your own self-confidence tips and tricks you’d like to share with my sisterhood, please share your love or appreciation below ♥ ♥

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  1. Rianna says

    Needed this Liz. When you’re so down on yourself, you can only think about one thing at a time anyway…this really helped. x

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