Are You The Confident Woman You Know You Can Be?

Are you the confident woman you know you can be, or do you struggle with self-confidence and stay in your shell? Being a confident woman says a lot about you and what you think about yourself and where you’re at in your life. I think there’s nothing more attractive than a confident woman (or man!)….wouldn’t […]

5 Steps To Ultimate Self-Confidence

You're Beautiful

Self-confidence is essential in many aspects of our lives,¬†yet so many women struggle with it. To go after the job you’ve always wanted, to go out on a date, to be assertive in certain situations, to wear something sexy for your partner and to feel good about YOU; all require self-confidence even if you need […]

Why Women Want To Have The ‘Thigh Gap’ (part 1)

Ah, the elusive thigh gap. This desire a lot of women have has been showing up a lot in the media lately. Why this is being publicised as a sudden obsession is a little beyond me. I remember being in grade 5 and scrutinising over my legs and the size of the gap between my […]

My Two Sides…Figuring Out Who I Am In This World!

I read a fantastic post on Jess Ainscough’s blog yesterday! It’s called Who Are We Without Our Special Identities, and I love how open and authentic this post is. Jess certainly is honest about her insecurities around her identity, her need to be “special” and why self-love and self-acceptance is something she continually works on. […]

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