A Snapshot In The Life Of Annette Gohl (lululemon employee & founder of Wellness WA)

A Snapshot In The Life Of…

 Annette Gohl

Annette is a yoga loving, green smoothie addicted, wellbeing-obsessed gal living in Perth. Working in yoga retail by day, and immersing herself in all things wellness related after hours to share her local findings with WA readers to help them to attain optimum wellbeing and feel 120%, every day! Wellness WA is the online destination for beauty, health & wellbeing in Perth & Western Australia.

Tell us three things about yourself

  • I love green smoothies & dogs with long ears.
  • I work part-time at a yoga shop, and part-time on my website Wellness WA & have just found the perfect business partner to start a brand new wellness biz that WA hasn’t seen before…!
  • I really like Winter!

What’s been the biggest health challenge you’ve overcome and what did you learn from this experience?

Anxiety is the thing that I have struggled most with, and at times it has been pretty debilitating. I am grateful for it’s influence on my life, because it’s nudged me towards greater health as well as making sure I take the time to look after myself properly!

Exercise, vitamins, massage, yoga, sleep, positive self-talk & so much more has helped me!

I’ve learned to just let go and live in the moment as much as possible, without trying to predict the future or dwell on the past. It works.

What’s your top tip for getting your day off to a great start?

Going to bed on time the night before! 🙂

Your brekky usually consist of…

It can vary but usually a green smoothie with banana, lots of frozen berries, greens, hemp seeds, flaxseed meal, wheatgerm & liquid vitamin b! This sets me up incredibly well for the day.

I’ll also have a slice rye toast with honey so that I don’t get hungry too quickly!

Annette green juice

Which foods do you eat to nourish your body and give you vitality?

Green smoothies & juices, loads of steamed veggies. I’ve recently discovered buckwheat and LOVE IT! It’s so good as a rice/quinoa substitute and is really creamy and delish.

Why is fitness an important part of your life?

I’m huge on yoga and just love the mental clarity & reduced stress that it gives me, that’s the main reason I love it, the positive outlook that comes from working out is so important.

What is your current exercise routine?

2 – 3 x yoga classes a week, and I’m throwing in an Xtend Barre class to really get the cardio going!

I also work on my feet all day so feel like I’m allowed to count that as exercise 😉

Describe what motivated you to choose your current business or career path?

I’ve recently made a huge life change and have left my great full-time job in the world of arts, music & entertainment PR, to work part-time at lululemon athletica, and part-time on Wellness WA. It was a huge decision but I’m already reaping the benefits of having more mental space, more time to do yoga & cook healthy meals, and more time to work on my projects.

I was motivated by my passion for wellness & a desire to take it to the next level! I was feeling really burnt out from working full-time so this was the next logical step to reach my goals & have a more balanced life! 🙂

What business or career challenge have you overcome and what one piece of advice would you like to pass on to others?

My biggest piece of advice would be to start up your business on the side of working a job, start small and then scale back your work hours or look for another job as the business begins to grow – a lot less stressful this way and less risky too!

Your favourite book or movie of all time is…

I really, really like “Yes Man” & “Adventureland” – kind of random.

 And lastly, do you have a recipe you’d like to share with us?

 Magnificent Morning Smoothie!

♥ 1-2 x cup of chilled, filtered water

♥ 1 x frozen banana

♥ 1 x cup of frozen blueberries

♥ 1 x small (organic) apple

♥ 2 x cups of spinach

♥ 1 x tbsp Grants Liquid B Vitamins (love, love, love this stuff in helping to manage stress)

♥ 1 x tbsp Pepitas


♥ 2 x tsp protein powder

Whiz this all up for 1-2 minutes and you’ll have a vitamin packed, cooling breakfast treat that is sure to make your toast eating housemate jealous!

Magnificent Morning Smoothie

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