Are You Dating A Man Who’s Chivalrous?

Chivalry to me has got to be one the most attractive qualities in a man! It shows respect for the woman and makes her feel appreciated.

Chivalry by definition means:



Some independent women may feel this is outdated or even chauvinistic, as it was born in an era where men did these types of gestures as they believed women weren’t physically capable of doing it themselves.

But this certainly isn’t the view in modern day society. Chivalry today means courtesy, generosity, valor and a man who is a gentleman, not only to women but to other men and children too (when dating a man, take note of how he treats other people such as the waiter).

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If I guy opens my car door or holds my jacket out for me (pretty old fashioned and certainly hasn’t happened often!) I don’t feel like he thinks I can’t do it myself. I feel appreciated and special. Just like I do when a man lets me walk into a room first or order first when out for dinner.

A friend of mine told me that a guy she was dating opened the car door for her once, and she felt embarrassed (would you feel embarrassed?). Another friend of mine who has been married for 10 years, has a hubby who’s been opening the car door for her since their very first date, and she loves it! One of my clients (she’s 23 and her partner is only 25) has been with her man for 2 years and he makes her go dutch every time they go out even though he earns double what she does, and it reaaaally frustrates her!

The point I’m getting at, is more often than not, women want to be with a man who is a gentleman, because it makes her feel special and shows affection and respect. It’s like when a woman goes out of her way to buy a new dress and get her hair and nails done to look beautiful for her man….it’s nice and shows she cares.

There’s hopefully a few of you who are reading this thinking how lucky you are to have a partner who’s a gentleman; but I reckon there would also be quite a few (particularly Gen Y women dating a Gen Y man) who would luuuurve to see the return of some good ol’ fashioned chivalry!

Ways Your Man Can Act Chivalrous:

  • He could walk on the street-side of the sidewalk. This is to protect you from being splashed if there happens to be a puddle a car drives through.
  • Let you walk into a room first. ALWAYS.
  • Wait for you to order first when at a restaurant or cafe.
  • Open the car door for you (so long as it’s done naturally…running up ahead to open the door will make both of you feel uncomfortable!)
  • Take your coat off and hold it out for you when leaving somewhere.
  • Pay for the expensive stuff, such as dinners out at fancy restaurants. You can buy the coffees and breakfasts and cook him romantic meals at home, and occasionally surprise him by picking up the bill.
  • When in a crowded environment like a party or nightclub, he could take your hand and walk in front of you to clear the path. Don’t ever take the lead except for when walking into a restaurant first! He should follow behind you to the table 🙂
  • When dating and arriving at a venue separately, he could escort you back to your car or into a cab. Even better is if he’ll share the cab with you and drop you off home first, and walk you to your front door. I dated a guy who did this, and thought it was extremely adorable and polite!
  • Offer to pick you up in his car. You don’t have to accept, but it’s nice for him to offer.
  • Compliment you on how beautiful you look and what a gorgeous person you are. Don’t EVER shy away from compliments. Be gracious and say thank you and be sure to compliment him at times too!
  • Respect and honour you, your family and your friends.

Okay, so a relatively long list, and I’m pretty sure your man won’t tick all of them! No one is perfect, but if he ticks at least 3 you’re doin’ alright 😉

The dawn of the new Chivalry Movement is upon us girls! Embrace it with open arms!

Liz xx


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