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I’ve got to be honest with you – starting a blog has literally changed my life. Not only has it been a fantastic source of creative expression and personal growth (boy, have I grown!), it has enabled me to build a platform where I get to coach, inspire, motivate and connect with women just like YOU.

It has meant that I’ve been able to work on building an entrepreneurial lifestyle where I get to do what I truly love whilst helping others…helloooo awesome life!

Blogging is also loads of fun. A creative’s dream. Imagine being your own boss and calling the shots on every.single.element. It’s such a hoot sinking deeply into things such as the style, colours and logo design you’d love, crafting meaningful & inspiring blog posts, and knowing that your blog is a pure reflection of you.

And I’ve gotta tell ya, one of my fave things about having a blog is the beautiful blogging community and ‘sisterhood’. Especially the one found in Rachel MacDonald’s Bright-Eyed & Blog-Hearted eCourse!

When it comes to blogging, Rach is your gal. I’ve been lucky enough to work with her one on one and let it be said, this beautiful woman is a blogging genius and a super generous and kind human being.

So gorgeous, if you’re ready to get clear on your blog vision, amplify your existing online presence and express yourself in a way that sounds exactly like you, Rach’s eCourse is an absolute must!

Enrolments to her 3rd round are open until May 28th, and I’m so thrilled to be a proud affiliate of this brilliant course (check out my bonus bundle below!).

The Details…Bright-Eyed & Blog-Hearted Is:

  • An 8 week course – 6 weeks of info packed content and 2 weeks of ‘Inspired Action’ implementation weeks (which I found so helpful). It is also a course that has lifetime access and ongoing support in the truly incredible Facebook community.
  • A course that covers all the nuts & bolts of blogging: content creation, product creation, finding your authentic voice and connecting with your tribe to name a few, plus covers marketing, social media, SEO and the all-important ‘mindset’ stuff (because if we’re feeling stuck, or in fear-mode, or comparing — the inspiration to share our message authentically tends to take a big hit). That ‘spirit support’ is invaluable.

This course is right up there with being one of the BEST and most professional courses I’ve ever done, and the value you get for the insanely reasonable price, is mind-boggling. Just wait till you see what’s on offer in the bonuses – resources galore!

Other bits I went nuts over and know you will too:

  • The beautiful Facebook community was (and continues to be) the most caring and supportive space to share ideas, wins, fears, collaborations and services (I’ve already hired two designers from this tribe!). I wish I had an online space like this one to hang out in when I first started out. Truly TOPS.
  • The totally actionable and results-focused worksheets and module content is somethin’ else. Rach really goes above and beyond to deliver exactly what you need to know to become a blogging pro. One of my fave worksheets is her ‘Make Your Posts Go Boom!’ – an awesome pre-publish checklist that I always use before hitting the publish button.

Sound Amazing? Enrol Through My Affiliate Link And Receive the Following Bonus Bundle:

// A Kikki.K journal posted to you (Australian residents only)

// An Aquamarine stone to clarify your mind, aid  in personal creativity, ease fears and inspire love, peace and serenity. (Australian residents only)

// My eBook Falling In Love Again: a toolkit for transforming you, your life and your relationships.


// A 50 minute coaching session with me via Skype after the 8 week course has completed, focused on strategies & branding for your blog; or you may choose to spend this time being mentored on one of my coaching packages themes (love-seeker or holistic lifestyle).

// My eBook Falling In Love Again: a toolkit for transforming you, your life and your relationships

There’s no time like right now, honey. Enrolments close on May 27th and this is the only time this year Rach will be running this course (she has a bun in the oven!). Click here to learn more and to receive my bonuses.


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    I signed up for this years round! I couldn’t actually remotely afford it but my boyfriend said to me “I’m sick of hearing you mope for the last two years about not having done it, I’m paying, you’re doing it” The biggest draw for me really is the community, seeing how many amazing people have previously done it and the incredible things they’ve done since, like yourself x

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