Business & Mindset Interview With Kat Loterzo (part 1.)

The following two videos are interviews I did with Kat Loterzo (Kat is now going by her married name – many of you would know her as Kat Eden). These interviews were filmed last year about 5 months after Kat launched her second blog, Woman Incredible, and are about business & mindset and Kat’s business journey. I sure got some great tips from doing this interview! For a quick overview, I have summarized the vids below.


What Kat Set Out To Achieve When Starting Her Own Business

  • Kat got into personal training when she was 19 years old. She discovered the gym and had become quite “obsessive” about training and one of the trainers suggested that she become a personal trainer…two weeks later (it was very easy to get certified back then!) she was a personal trainer, and so began her journey in this industry!
  • Kat loved the positive vibe of the gym and being inspired by others, but also as she gained more confidence as a PT, it was inspiring and empowering others to take back control of their body and transform not only how they look but how they feel about themselves. This is a theme that has stuck with Kat ever since.
  • Kat started her first blog, Body Incredible, in 2008. She did this as an avenue to better her writing skills. Since Kat was a teenager, her goal has been to be a writer and published author (Kat has written many eBooks, but is about to have her first book published in a matter of weeks! It is called The Dream Life Project and will be available on Amazon, or her blog/site). Kat also started Body Incredible to give value to her clients as she writes a lot about nutrition and training. She certainly didn’t expect it to be where it is today, as she is quite well known in the blogging world!
  • Overtime, Kat realised what’s closest to her heart is working with women, so in March 2011 launched Woman Incredible. This blog is for driven women wanting more. For women who are already kicking goals but want more out of life! Kat covers in this blog a lot about nutrition and fat-loss, but also motivation and mindset.

Kat’s Biggest Frustration In Business

  • There’s so much you can do and learn about in business! It’s really easy to get distracted by, as Kat likes to call it, “bright shiny things”, especially on the internet in social media! Oooh yes, I can so relate! This is almost always very overwhelming and distracting!
  • Kat remembers a very clear point with Body Incredible when she was really starting to not enjoy it. So Kat decided to cut everything she “should be doing”, and focus on the things she loves and is good at and outsource all the other stuff that needs to be done but that she doesn’t like! Great tip! Her blog then went from strength to strength, and it started to be fun again.
  • To finish this part of the interview off, Kat made the excellent point about the ‘list’ of things you’ll always have to do. You’re going to die not having finished your list, so it’s “really important in business to not get caught up on the list!” So true!

Kat Loterzo is an author, speaker and entrepreneur and the creator of The Dream Life Project. Connect with Kat at and sign up for her free newsletter, which highlights Kat’s top tips on getting the body, biz and life of your dreams! You’ll also receive a free Find Your Dreams Strategy Sheet and Podcast just for registering!

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