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Every now and then, a new fashion label grabs my attention. When BRUUG launched at the end of last year, I was really impressed! Stylish, wearable designs, and very affordable. Tick, tick, tick!


Natasha Butler is the owner / designer and is such a beautiful girl inside and out! She also has Mini Bruug for children (absolutely adorable!), and started The Mini Bruug Initiative which is about more than children’s clothing…

We are committed to contributing part proceeds of all Mini Bruug sales to the PMH Cardiac Department, in the hopes that our contribution will help the department in their constant endeavour to help other families and children the same way they helped mine and my brothers.

The Mini Bruug Initiative is a way of honouring the brave children that have come before us, the quiet achievers who endure and the heartbreak that too often comes with life. ?We let this be our motivation.

Mini Bruug

BRUUG is currently available for sale online, and in Perth at it’s headquarters in Claremont, with stockists coming soon.

I’m very lucky to have teamed up with Natasha, who is a big fan of my biz Model Shoot Project, to do my photo shoots at her headquarters! This is a fresh idea Natasha came up with, combining her headquarters with a photo studio and retail showroom. It’s such a gorgeous space, and I can’t wait to do some photo shoots there!

Natasha Butler


To check out BRUUG, head to their website? 🙂

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