My Guide To Making The Most Outta 2013!

Can you believe it’s nearing the end of the year? It’s currently the 19th of September…that’s just over 3 months till Christmas and New Years!!! Yippee! I can’t wait till 2014…new beginnings, new goals to make and take action on (I’ve written a post on goal setting for 2014 here), new places to travel to, dreams to conquer, new friendships and memories to make 🙂

Exciting Stuff!

But what about these last 3 or so months…how can you make the most outta the rest of 2013? What has been on your mind, your ‘to do list’ that you haven’t conquered but would like to? What fun stuff have you been aching to do? Perhaps you’ve had a fall out with someone that you’d like to reconnect with?

making it happen

Getting clarity on how you’re gonna rock the rest of 2013!

I want you to stop reading for a second and go grab yourself a pen and sheet of paper or open up a word document. I’d also like you to get your phone out to use the alarm. Off you go chicka!

Okay…once you’re ready I want you to set the alarm to go off in 5 minutes time. Now, I want you to write non-stop until that alarm goes off, all of things you’ve been wanting to do, experience and achieve this year but haven’t yet; or perhaps new goals you want to tackle before the year is out. This could be business related stuff, health & fitness goals, holidays you want to go on, personal development courses you want to do, relationships you want to work on etc. You might feel a little stuck at first, but once you get into the flow it’ll pour right outta ya!

Time. Starts. Now. Write your little heart out!

Okay…now that you’ve got your list of all the things still playing on your mind, I want you to go through that list and choose the 3 things that connect with your heart the most.

Got them? Wonderful! Now I want you spend some time on each of these 3 goals, making an action plan that you can implement NOW.  Once you’ve completed this exercise, you should feel lighter, in control and have a feeling of clarity & purpose. Whoop! 🙂

If you whip through these 3 goals before the end of the year, I want you to go back to your list and pick another 1-3 and go through the same action plan process!

Go for it gorgeous! Leave a comment below on how you feel after doing this task…I’d luv to hear from you!

Liz xx



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