The Power Of Vision Boards And Trusting Your Gut!

This morning I woke up, went to the kitchen and had a tall glass of water and lemon, gulped a few mouthfuls of kefir, made myself a green tea and went back to my room to surf the net for some inspiration for my next post. Just a typical Monday morning where I get to work from home! 🙂

I decided to jump onto In Spaces Between, Rachel MacDonald’s gorgeous blog. I read a couple of her latest posts then my eyes wandered to the bottom of the page where she has “You might also like”. It looked like this…

screenshot - in spaces between

My eyes first glanced at the beautiful pic of Rach and her hubby and was going to open that post when I saw the post next to it…the title and the image captured me and I instinctively knew this was the post I had to read next.



This post couldn’t have been more timely! It’s about creating vision boards, and Rachel breaks it down really well with a step by step guide including an example of a board layout. You can check it out here.

The reason it was such perfect timing, is because I seriously bought a board from Officeworks with the intention of creating my vision board months ago; and it has been sitting in my room tucked behind my laundry basket waiting to be created! I literally spoke about it yesterday when I was having brunch with my girlfriend Claudia! She told me that she created a vision board specifically for the kind of man she wanted to attract into her life. I told Claude I had been meaning to get stuck into making my own vision board but hadn’t found the time to do it yet. Bullsh*t!

how often have you used the excuse of “not enough time” for things?

That isn’t really the reason why. The reason is because I haven’t known where to start! Do I create a board specifically for my career? Do I do one for relationships? Or should I make a board that has a little bit of everything I’m wanting to attract into my life.

Rachel’s post has simplified it for me. I’ve decided to do one that has a little bit of everything, that way I can’t keep putting it off because I don’t know where to start! Ha! The truth is, I love making vision boards. I haven’t done one for a few years now, but I remember the last one I did was a lot of fun. It’s exciting thinking about all the magical and enriching things you want in your life. And it’s even more exciting when you get to look at it every single day, visualising it becoming a reality!

There really is something to be said for the law of attraction. I know there’s still of few sceptics out there who think it’s a bit woo woo, but I’m not one of them and I bet you’re not either.

Sooo….no more procrastinating for me! I’m off to create my glorious vision board! Catcha!

When did you last create a vision board? Any tips you’d like to share? Leave your comments of vision board enthusiasm below 🙂

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  1. says

    I loved creating my vision board, I did mine at the start if the year and to my delight soooo many of the wonderful things have happened 🙂
    Yesterday I learnt to surf for the first time to tick off another- yippee
    Thanks for a great post

    • says

      Hi Kim! Thanks for your comment :-). That is awesome that so many things have happened!!! It’s amazing how it works. How cool you’ve learned how to surf! All the best xx

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