This Is How I Live A Healthy Holistic Lifestyle (part 1)

living a lasting healthy lifestyle

Something I am super passionate about is helping women live a healthy, holistic lifestyle through my coaching , blog posts, newsletters and personal training. Nothing beats feeling healthy, right? It completely changes the way we feel about ourselves and this has a domino effect on everything else in our life from our relationships, careers/ businesses, confidence levels and the choices we make in life.

Yet so many women really struggle with making lasting lifestyle changes. 

Trust me when I say it has taken me years to 100% commit to a healthy, holistic lifestyle. And when I say 100%, I really mean 80% as I live and teach the 80/20 principle. In my experience, this is how you sustain lasting lifestyle changes.

The reason it’s taken me so long is because I’ve had to experiment with loads of different methods – not just with my diet, but with exercise, my health, my mindset, my relationships, my business, my spiritual and personal growth practice, my finances, with what lights me up inside, which city I live in, how much I choose to drink, how social I am, how often I take holidays, what I do for fun, and so on.

I’m still not ‘there’ yet with some of these areas, but my commitment is and I make a point of taking baby steps towards how I want to feel in these areas every day; even if it’s just one area I focus on.

And this is how you make lasting lifestyle changes, gorgeous – by taking baby steps and committing to them every day/ week/ month. It doesn’t have to be everything all at once – unless you’re committed to burning yourself out and disappointing yourself!

Change happens gradually and I believe as women, we tend to lean too far into perfectionism. Brené Brown, author of The Gifts of Imperfection, sums up perfectionism perfectly…

Perfectionism is a self-destructive and addictive belief system that fuels this primary thought: If I look perfect, live perfectly, and do everything perfectly, I can avoid or minimise the painful feelings of shame, judgement, and blame.

Some very powerful and wise words there – definitely some food for thought!

What I’d love for you to understand from part 1 of this series is the following:

1. To make lasting lifestyle changes you firstly need to identify which areas you’d like to change/ improve so you can live a healthy, holistic lifestyle and feel_____________(i.e. happy, healthy, fulfilled, energised).

2. Once you’ve identified these areas, start implementing and committing yourself to taking baby steps on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. This is something I help my coaching clients with greatly.

3. Be mindful of slipping into perfectionism. Take this as a caveat! Be kind to yourself and remember…Super Woman doesn’t exist 🙂

Stay tuned for part 2 where I explain in depth exactly what I do to live a healthy, holistic lifestyle.

In the comments below I’d love for you to tell me what it is that trips you up when making lasting lifestyle changes.


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  1. Lucia says

    Hey Liz, for me I seem to always be rushing things. Like I always want the answer or the result and not really knowing now to ride the process getting there.

    • says

      Ah yes, I can most certainly relate Lucia. A great thing to remind yourself of is that the biggest growth and change comes from the journey, not the destination. If you’re always in a rush you may miss out on some powerful life lessons and experiences. Enjoy the ride x

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