This is what I did to set my week up positively!

On Monday morning, I woke up and had such a delicious feeling of happiness and excitement! Before I opened my eyes, I laid in bed and meditated for 5 minutes. I brought my attention to my feet, legs, tummy, arms and then to my heart, imagining it getting bigger and bigger with each inhalation, opening itself to more love and possibilities. Man, did it work!

This simple exercise made a huge difference to my state of mind. I felt this massive desire to update my Facebook status with “P-U-M-P-E-D!!! It’s going to be a ridiculously fabulous week! Happy Monday everyone :-)”. And that kind of energy and positivity spreads like wildfire. My update got stacks of ‘likes’ and I bet it changed a few of my friends’ state of mind too. Winning!


I had a super duper day! I had a fantastic meeting with a PR/marketing consultant who I may be hiring which was freaking exciting! She seriously is so similar to me and seemed very passionate about wanting to work with me. We had a great rapport, which is very important. I had a meeting planned the following day with two ladies from a different PR/marketing agency and was very close to cancelling it as I had such a good feeling about this first meeting.

But my intuition told me to not act too hasty, and to see what the other girls have to offer me first….

Well…now I’m just confused! Spoiled for choice! The two ladies had a strong pitch and seemed very hungry for a project like mine and eager to work with me. Thank you Universe! Now I have two fantastic agencies to choose from :-).

So…Monday and Tuesday were great days. I felt like I was kicking goals and was in flow…everything was falling into place nicely. Come Wednesday though, a shift happened which created a domino effect on my day! Let me explain…

The Blunder…

I accidentally set my alarm for 6.30am instead of 5.30am, which was a pretty big blunder considering I had a client scheduled for 6.30am! Oops!!! And the worst thing about it – she was a new client! Not a great look! And I never usually stuff up like that.

So my day started off with a big “F**K!!!!”, followed by panic, dialing numbers, apologising profusely, rescheduling and then having the quickest shower ever (I swear if there was a Guiness World Record for quickest shower….I would have beaten it! Lol) and flying out the door. Definitely not the morning I experience and wanted to recreate from Monday!

After my morning clients I then had to drive out to the Swan Valley – a wine region in Perth that’s about a 40min drive from the city. I had to renew my CPR urgently, and that was the only place I could find on that day. But I hadn’t been out to the valley in years, and was a little out of my comfort zone (do you dislike driving to areas you haven’t been to before too??).

All was going fine, I was over half way there and my navigation on my phone was directing me nicely until my internet stopped connecting!!! Now I really was in trouble. So I called the guy I was driving out to see, who had a thick Cockney accent, and he kindly gave me some directions that sorta went like this…

“Go through 2 traffic lights, turn left at the Shell petrol station, take your second left and go through the roundabout, take your next right then third left at Jum Buck Winery, then it’s the second left where the funny looking statue is and then follow the road all the way to the end until you can see my two kids riding on their bikes.”


Haha. Okay, so it took another 2 phone calls to him as I started to get my lefts and rights mixed up, but I made it there in the end. A little flustered, but I got there. Phew. So there I was, out in the middle of nowhere, learning my DR ABC (danger, respond, airway, breathing, circulation) from a complete stranger. I couldn’t wait to get outta there to be honest!

This little experience starting off with waking up an hour late, made me feel a little anxious and stressed, and I noticed my positive thought process slowly start to waiver.

This is what I did to get my positive state of mind back!

  • Dialed a friend! I called a good friend of mine on the way home to have a chat and a laugh about my day so far!
  • Took myself back to the gym and hit the cardio machines for a good sweat and de-stress session! It really helped.
  • When I got home I laid down on my yoga mat, put on one of Leonie Dawson’s meditations (just one of the many incredible tools of hers I have since joining her Amazing Biz & Life Academy! Totally recommend this academy by the way!)

Those 3 little tools of mine, brought me back to happy land and I’ve been a positive little bunny since!

What little tricks do you have up your sleeve to get your positive state of mind back or to de-stress? I’d love to hear from you!



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