5 Ways To Get Lean Legs

Do you struggle to get lean legs? Are your hips and butt the first to blow out? We all have our areas where we carry the most weight – usually the tummy, hips and butt  – but I know a lot of women also struggle to keep their legs lean and cellulite at bay. To lean up your legs, you need to incorporate 3 things: exercise, clean diet, reduced toxicity.

lean legs & butt

5 ways to get lean legs

1. Do intervals. You want to burn fat, and intervals are one of the best exercises out there for stripping body fat! Interval training or HIIT (high intensity interval training) is cycles of high intensity bursts and low to moderate intensity recovery. Try 20-second all-out sprints with 10 seconds rest in 4 sets of 4 intervals. Rest 3 minutes between sets.

2. Clean up your diet. No surprises there! Say “bye bye” to sugary, processed, bad fatty foods, and “hello” to wholefoods, greens, purified water, good fats, and organic meat. To get lean legs you need to lose body fat remember, and cleaning up your diet is paramount!

3. Lift weights. Best thing EVER for getting rid of cellulite (in conjunction with a clean diet) and leaning up your legs. If you are naturally quite athletic, a mesomorph build, and find you build muscle very easily, intervals are definitely your friend! Don’t stop doing weights, but experiment lifting heavy weights and less reps with lifting light weights and high reps with little rest in between sets, to see what your body responds best to. There’s really no hard or fast rule.

4. My favourite exercises for leaning my legs and butt are:

  • lunges (walking, static, lateral and drop lunges)
  • squats (neutral and sumo)
  • deadlifts (neutral and single leg)
  • step ups
  • climbing stairs (Jacobs Ladder in Perth, 1000 steps in Melb!)
  • stepper machine at the gym
  • box jumps
  • burpees
  • sprints

5. Reduce toxic build up. Reduce toxins in general! One of the major problems for women is estrogen imbalance. Having an imbalance of this hormone causes many issues, one of them being fat storage. My fav product at the moment to take to help detoxify estrogen (along with having my daily green smoothie!) is called EstroBlock. My friend, Damian Donoghue from SuperHealth, sells them on his website.

Check out my body-weight legs and butt workout and try it today! 🙂

Elizabeth Rose

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