5 Ways To Get Lean Legs

Lean Legs

Do you struggle to get lean legs? Are your hips and butt the first to blow out? We all have our areas where we carry the most weight – usually the tummy, hips and buttĀ  – but I know a lot of women also struggle to keep their legs lean and cellulite at bay. To […]

Why Women Want To Have The ‘Thigh Gap’ (part 3)

As I wrote in part 1 of this series, attaining a thigh gap has come up quite a bit in the media recently. When I was very young there was a bit of fuss around this topic amongst the girls in my class, but since grade 5 I’ve probably only thought about the thigh gap […]

Why Women Want To Have The ‘Thigh Gap’ (part 2)

In part 1, I talked about the real reason women want the thigh gap and the lengths some women, particularly young girls, will go to. I do not pass judgement on women for wanting leaner legs – there’s nothing wrong with wanting that if it’s a genuine goal of yours, especially if you’re wanting to […]

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