7 Essential Ways To Survive The Silly Season



I can smell it in the air…you know that buzz when summer is almost in full flight and the silly season too? Parties, functions, get-together’s…it’s all about to start. And whilst I’m a big believer in letting your hair down and havin’ some capital ‘F’ fun, this is definitely the time of year when it’s easy to indulge…and indulge some more.

To solve this problem all you need is a little bit of planning, a dose of willpower, and you’ll cruise (rather than roll ;-)) into the New Year without feeling like you’ve got a mountain to climb.

Here are my 7 essential ways to survive the silly season:

1. Rehydrate

Unless you’re one of those annoying people who never get hangovers, rehydrating with loads of purified water is a MUST. Each molecule of alcohol draws out 3 molecules of water when you go to the bathroom, so it’s extremely dehydrating. Try this ratio 1:1 a glass of booze to a tall glass of purified H20. You-can-do-it. Coconut water is also a great and tasty drink to replace electrolytes.

2. It’s all about moderation

Got a brimming social calendar with something on every weekend (and mid-week too) leading up to Christmas? Guess what…you really don’t have to go along to absolutely all of them, unless you want to of course! And if you do, decide which events you’re going to have a couple of drinks at (refer to point number 1), and which ones you’ll stick to water (or limit it to one). Australia has a massive drinking culture, which gets heightened at this time of year, so moderation seriously is the key. And not drinking at all is totally cool too.

I also recommend having some protein and fats whilst you drink so you don’t get a massive rise in blood sugar followed by a massive crash. Alcohol on an empty stomach is also very irritating on your intestinal tract.

3. Move your booty

‘Tis the season to relax, swim, lie in the sun and eat & drink! But don’t forget to move your booty too! My suggestion…work pretty hard between now and the end of the year, then reduce the intensity if you feel like winding down and chillin’ whilst on holidays. I’d still opt for some movement though, such as walking and yoga, as it does wonders for your mindset.

And don’t forget the power of incidental exercise. Climb the stairs, walk to the shops, and cycle/walk to work if it’s doable. Not only is cycling/walking to work great for some cardiovascular fitness, it has many benefits for your psychological wellbeing.

4. Follow the 80/20 principle 

The 80/20 principle is how I roll on a regular week, and I definitely recommend you apply it to the silly season. 80% of the time you eat nourishing whole foods and zero processed junk (I like to eat mostly paleo), and 20% of the time you allow for some flexibility. This works beautifully for me and my clients too.

5. Eat before you go out

Going to a function where the likelihood of canapés will be on offer? Best trick is to have something fairly substantial before you arrive, so you’re not ravenous and bound to throw back everything that comes your way.

6. Get creative

Last Christmas I downloaded Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar Christmas Cookbook that had some fantastic sugar and gluten-free recipes. If there are certain foods you’re not able to eat, get creative and bring a plate of food you can enjoy.

7. Don’t stress, it’s Christmas!

If you can’t let your hair down on Christmas Day, when can you? If it helps with the mindset stuff, eat super clean in the days leading up to Christmas and do a 20 minute run or circuit on Christmas morning…but please allow yourself some stress-free indulgence!

Christmas is about spending quality time with your family and friends, giving and receiving and enjoying everyone’s company over yummy food. Enjoy this time and remember, 80/20!

So there you have it. My 7 essential ways to survive the silly season! If you’d like more tips, you might like the post I wrote last year.


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