A Snapshot In The Life Of Andy Anderson (health club owner, entrepreneur, fitness coach)

Andy Anderson

Andy Anderson is considered as a young health and fitness thought leader. He is the founder and CEO of Ultimate You Fitness – a successful health club facility in Melbourne, Australia that offers a revolutionary concept in achieving optimum health and fitness.  He is the creator and editor of Ultimate You Magazine, an all-in-one source for how to information and valuable coaching that leads one to achieve a better, healthier, more celebrated life.

Andy’s passion is triggered on lifestyle improvement through a holistic health and fitness approach.  His mission is to help and lead the general public towards a dynamic change of view on health and wellness being a critical and valuable subject to most.  He aims to spread awareness and trend on the whole of Australia the importance of developing a healthy lifestyle through his groundbreaking philosophy “3 Pillars of Health System”.

Besides being a passionate fitness expert and entrepreneur, Andy is also a speaker on mindset, nutrition and health & fitness who conducts workshops and corporate seminars on a regular basis. Andy’s motto is “do what others don’t to get what others won’t”.

Tell us three things about yourself

I’m a passionate entrepreneur, coach and speaker.

What’s been the biggest health challenge you’ve overcome and what did you learn from this experience?

The greatest challenge I have faced was definitely my weight when I was a kid. I was always very conscious of my body and got picked on when I was in primary school for being a bit chubby. The real challenge was figuring out ‘WHY’. Why did I put on extra weight when I was eating the same things as the other kids and why couldn’t I get motivated to lose that fat that had accumulated over the years.

I know for me one of the biggest issues was I thought I was doing all the right things but unfortunately the traditional BS information that I was privy to really let me down and no one ever taught me how to eat for my body type or train efficiently. I always thought it was just bad genetics and I’d have to live with it.

Once I immersed myself in learning more and more about health & fitness I realized I had complete control over my body, my situation & my life.

Once you figure something like that out you will never be the same again.

What’s your top tip for getting your day off to a great start?

I always start my day with an organic double espresso and goal setting. Doing this daily helps me focus, gain clarity and connect to why I’m here doing everything I’m doing and it honestly fills me with passion & drive for the day ahead.

Andy & Adrea

Your brekky usually consist of…

200g steak, 3 soft-boiled eggs and a green smoothie. Breakfast of Kings 😉

Which foods do you eat to nourish your body and give you vitality?

My body is most efficient on protein & fats so I prepare 8 meals per day consisting of either steak, chicken or fish with about 2-3L of green smoothie per day. This gives me everything I need to be energized & focused all day long.

Why is fitness an important part of your life?

You know fitness to me is everything and affects every aspect of my life. Everyday I learn something new about myself when I’m in there training. Health and fitness is not just about getting into the gym and doing burpies until you cry or eating chicken & rice every day of your life. It’s about growing as a person and developing your mind, body & spirit. It teaches you about discipline, respecting yourself and achievement. The more you master yourself and your mindset these quality’s shine through into business, relationships, family life and more!

I look at health & fitness as a badge of honor that tells people “I respect myself, I work hard, I’m disciplined and I’m in control”. When you can conquer yourself you can conquer anything.

What is your current exercise routine?

Currently my routine looks like this:

Training Guide:








AM Cardio Cardio Cardio Cardio Cardio Cardio Cardio
PM Chest Back Legs Delts Arms




For cardio I alternate between HIIT training, steady state, MMA/kickboxing or some brutal sled runs. For my weight training I’ve been focusing on giant sets with a 5 day split aimed at gaining lean muscle & decreasing body fat.

Describe what motivated you to choose your current business or career path?

My mission has always been to share my strategies for change with as many people as possible and really make a difference on a national/global scale rather than just coaching one person at a time. I had all these amazing ideas running through my head about how I could do this and in what way to contribute and working in the environments that I was previously in was definitely not moving me closer to my goal & vision. I new if Ultimate You was going to effect people the way I wanted it to I had to go big and go out on my own so that’s what I did. I opened Ultimate You Fitness health club as the starting point of the vision I had for so long.

Ultimate You Fitness

What business or career challenge have you overcome and what one piece of advice would you like to pass on to others?

Every day there is a new challenge but I guess the one that taught me the biggest lesson would have been when I was raising capital for my company. I grew so much as a person and as a businessman and going for it can either make you or break you. Biggest lessons:

  1. You must believe in yourself and believe in your vision because no one else will do it for you.
  2. Resilience & perseverance are your best friends, if you don’t have what it takes to get back up after being knocked down over & over then this game isn’t for you.
  3. Cut out anyone from your life that is negatively effecting your goal because trust me there is always people there ready to try and drag you down to make themselves feel significant.

Your favorite book or movie of all time is? And why?

My favorite book of all time would have to Sticking Point Solution by Jay Abraham. Jay’s business & marketing knowledge blows me away every time and I love his approach to business & life.

And lastly, do you have a recipe you’d like to share with us?

Haha I am a simple man with simple pleasures but I will steal this recipe off my fiancé Andrea as she has mastered this treat….


Ingredients (16 servings)
– 200g fresh spinach
– 200g fetta light
– 800g chicken breast/fillet (raw)
– 3 eggs (I used Free Range)
– 3 whites eggs
–  fresh black pepper and sea salt


Directions :
– Put all ingredients together in a food processor and blend everything, season with a lot of fresh black pepper and a bit of salt
– Divide the mixture over 16 cupcakes
– Bake for 30 minutes at 180° in a pre-heated oven
– After demoulding put them back in the oven at 200° for 10 min


egg muffins

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