A Snapshot In The Life Of….Jordana Ripp (fashion blogger)

Jordana Ripp

With a Masters of Marketing under her belt, Jordana currently works in Marketing/PR/Social Media and has previously held positions in sales and management in fashion for leading retailers such as David Jones.

Originally from California USA, Jordana has spent most of her life travelling and observing world fashion from various corners of the globe including Milan, Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Dubai, Rome, Zurich, Sydney, Melbourne and of course Perth.

Her passion for creativity, self expression and the fashion industry lead her to taking a position at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York, where on completion, was inspired to find an outlet for her own fashion and creative insights resulting in the birth of Perth Style. Perth Style can also be found on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube! 🙂

Tell us three things about yourself

  • I’m a born and bred Californian girl
  • I used to be a springboard diver competing State and Nationally
  • I can do a mean twisting somersault on the trampoline

What’s been the biggest health challenge you’ve overcome and what did you learn from this experience?

I have had several fairly severe diving accidents over the years, one of which involved another diver landing onto of me in the water, resulting in a neck injury. I was out of action and in physiotherapy for months – totally frustrating and painful. The biggest lesson I learnt was to be kind to myself during the healing process. Don’t try to hurry things, take the time to give your body the tools it needs to regenerate, you will be physically and mentally stronger for it.

What’s your top tip for getting your day off to a great start?

A good 8 hours sleep and a glass of lemon and water – great for cleansing and kick starting your metabolism!

Your brekky usually consists of…

I’m terrible when it comes to breakfast, I often survive on coffee until about 10am at which time I usually grab a piece of fruit.

On weekends when I have more time, I love a protein packed start with poached eggs, a piece of grainy bread, a side of avocado and grilled tomato, and of course coffee.

Which foods do you eat to nourish your body and give you vitality?

I’m a big believer in lemons. If I want to detox and kick start my metabolism I’ll start with a litre of water and 2 whole lemons.

I always feel my best when I stick to proteins, veggies, fruit and whole grains. I avoid anything that comes in a can or packet and try to go organic wherever possible.

Why is fitness an important part of your life and do you have an exercise routine?

Fitness and sport has always been big part of life from my competition days to today’s general wellbeing. I don’t have a specific routine but I try to get at least three workouts in a week – Stretching (eg yoga), Strength (eg aerial acrobatics) and Cardio (eg netball).

Jordana Ripp

Your ‘perfect day’ in a nutshell would be…

Oh geez, this could take awhile, I have so many scenarios! Ideally I guess, a day where I have no commitments and have everything I need to do already done. A good book, hammock, palm trees, cocktails and a balmy night wouldn’t hurt either!

Describe what motivated you to choose your current business or career path?

It’s taken me a long while to work out my career path and honestly I’m still finding my way through. I completed my undergraduate in Psychology (I was interested in why people do what they do) and Media Studies (I specialized in film as growing up in California I had dreams of working in Hollywood). After finishing my studies I worked in fashion and retail as well as doing quite a bit of travel. I became very interested in Marketing, which in hindsight was almost an obvious conclusion when you look at the components of my undergrad degree.

I went back to school, completed my Masters of Marketing and took a corporate job. A few years in, I started to get a bit restless and took a couple of months off to live in Los Angeles. It was this trip that sparked a new path for me or rather reignited of an old one – fashion.

Self expression, creativity and a thriving mix of cultural influences dominate the street styles of LA. Inspired I took a position at New York Fashion the following Feburary, which ultimately lead to Perth Style’s conception as an outlet for my creative and fashion inspirations.

Today I work part-time in corporate marketing and spend the rest of the week working on my start-up Social Media/Marketing company, UNSCrippTED. I spend the rest of my free hours actively growing Perth Style through travel, attending fashion weeks, styling, events and constantly searching for new brands and inspiration. It and I are still a work in progress, but I’m getting there so watch this space!

What business or career challenge have you overcome and what one piece of advice would you like to pass on to others?

The biggest challenge I’ve faced since starting Perth Style has been self-confidence and that fear of rejection. I often find myself in situations that require approaching high profile industry personalities and celebrities for interviews, chats or photos. The first celebrity I met was Leonardo DiCaprio and I remember telling myself to just “be calm and introduce yourself because you are never going to get another opportunity to do this, the worst he can do is walk away”. This encounter ended up in a bit of a shambles, DiCaprio was really great but I was a bumbling mess (a story for another time haha).  Despite my rocky start, this mantra (refined to: Be Calm, Be Assertive, Be OK with No) has stuck with me since and has served as a great way of mentally preparing for nerve-racking tasks or situations.

My advice to anyone is to take every opportunity you can, even if it scares the s**t out of you, you never know where it might lead you. I find regret to be a rather annoying feeling and waste of time so throw yourself in head first, don’t be afraid to mess up because it may just prove for an entertaining anecdote  – such as in my case!

Perth Style

Your favourite book or movie of all time is? And why?


If I have to pick one of each:

Movie: Meet Joe Black – Personifying death in an almost Romeo and Juliet fashion. Beautifully sad and yet hopeful.

Book: Island of the Blue Dolphins – Based on true events that tell of a girl stranded on San Nicolas Island off the coast of California and her battle for survival – in some way or another we can all metaphorically relate to her struggles.

And lastly, do you have a recipe you’d like to share with us?

I’m not much of a cook unfortunately however I do have a blueberry protein smoothie I love to make when I want a quick snack:


  • Frozen blueberries
  • Vanilla Protein Powder
  • Ice
  • Water
  • Cinnamon

Pop a handful of frozen blueberries and around 5 blocks of ice into a blender. Add the recommended amount of protein powder and a dusting of cinnamon.

Fill contents with enough water that results in a paste consistency.

Turn on the blender and blend until smooth – voila!

Simple and quick – my cooking preference 🙂

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