Are You Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone?

Do you believe for personal growth, that you need to step outside your comfort zone? I sure as heck do and have written about this before here.

When we think about stepping outside our comfort zone, what springs to mind are fear based things that are limiting our full potential. They’re most definitely challenges we’d really rather not do (let’s be honest!) but really need to do in order to grow, expand, and invite more abundance, joy, and fulfillment into our lives.

Step outside your comfort zone

I can attest to MANY challenges I’ve had to overcome and still DO need to overcome in order to eliminate the barriers to success by overcoming false fears and beliefs. Gay Hendricks, the author of The Big Leap, calls this an “Upper Limit Problem” and believes we can all consciously reset our inner thermostat that determines the amount of success and love we allow ourselves, and go all the way to our full measure of success in love, money and happiness.

I believe this also extends to our body. There are loads of women out there who have an Upper Limit Problem, so to speak, when it comes to caring for their body. This could be in the form of weight issues, illness, stress, insomnia, skin problems, and time management issues for fitting in exercise, food prep and meditation.

Set A Challenge…

My challenge to you, is to try something new…even if it seems hard, time consuming or scary, and stick to it BEYOND achieving your desired result.

This may be in the form of hiring a personal trainer, trying a new group class or a different form of exercise, following a meal plan, seeing a nutritionist or naturopath, working on your limiting beliefs through personal development work or seeking the service of a coach.

My challenge at the moment, is fitting in yoga and core work. Both are important to me and needed as yoga stretches & lengthens my body and is a form of meditation and ‘me time’, and core/abdominal work strengthen my core and lower back which are my weak links.

I set a challenge for myself 3 weeks ago, to dedicate 1.5 hours on a Monday morning to doing two group classes at Fitness First. CX-Works – a fantastic 30 minute core, glutes and upper back workout, followed by 1 hour of Body Balance that combines tai chi, yoga, and pilates. My next challenge will be to increase the amount of times I either do these two classes or find a yoga studio to work on my practice.

What about you lovey? What challenge will you set for yourself? I’d love to know! Leave a comment below 🙂

This is post is in partnership with Fitness First Australia, encouraging everyone to #changeforthebest


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