How To Unleash Your Inner Inspired Self And Increase Productivity!

Definitely a woman to be inspired by (and perhaps envious of!) is Jess Jones. Jess has 3 passions: travel, photography and health & fitness, and has combined all three of them as she travels throughout South and Central America, sharing her journey via her blog Journey with Jess Jones. Jess left her job over a year ago, and I don’t think she’s setting a date to come home anytime soon!

Today’s post about unleashing your dreams and inspired self is a guest post written by Jess. WARNING: YOU MAY FEEL MOTIVATED AND INSPIRED!

We All Have Something That Makes Us Tick

But too often we settle for only one or two avenues to be inspired. Lately I have been drawing on inspiration from a variety of avenues; trying to get outside of my normal routine. Travel is definitely what makes me tick! I also love reading through a few of my favourite blogs and have been pinpointed for slightly obsessed with quotes and amazing photos, but as of late, I felt I was limiting myself…

Jess finding inspiration on top of the world!


I recently entered a writing contest that revolved around fantasy, (something that’s quite different for a non-fiction writer.) “What would you do with 24 hours on Spanish (Balearics) Island?” Now this really allowed my imagination to stretch further than it has in a long while and required a bit of steadfast research!  I could not believe just how much fun I had letting my mind get away from me! AND My writing productivity has increased, my enjoyment in writing has skyrocketed again and I can say I walked away from that piece with certain spring in my step.


This got me thinking about other ways we can stretch our imagination more regularly and more importantly, how YOU can unleash your dreams and inner inspired self! It’s simple, super fun, and positively effective!


ALL YOU HAVE TO DO: (It’s super easy, just one step!)

Pull out a pen and paper, and answer one (or all) of the following questions as completely and wholeheartedly as possible WITHOUT over thinking it (or worrying about grammar!)


I.                    “What would you do if you won a million dollars tomorrow?”

II.                  “Where would you choose to go and how would you spend your time if I gave you a plane ticket to anywhere in the world?”

III.                “If you had the power to make a HUGE, positive change to the world, what would you change? Why? And How?”

IV.                “What are the top 5 things on your Bucket List  Journey List? Write a story of all 5 of them unfolding for you one after the next this year!”

V.                  If health and fitness is your current focus, “Paint your idea of YOUR perfect body (with words) and describe how you would feel. Would you walk, talk, or act differently? How do you see your life changing when your body changes?”


Trust me, if you take just a few minutes to let your imagination run wild, dream a bigger dream, you will find that you have all the inspiration you need stored up inside! It’s just waiting to come out, just give it the chance! NOTE: Answering all five questions in one sitting may lead to writers’ cramp and an overwhelming, quite possibly uncontrollable explosion of ones’ inspiration and energy!


So give your imagination a stretch session your yoga instructor would be proud of AND SMILE YOUR BRIGHTEST SMILE TODAY! Bonus inspiration: Answer one of the questions below and inspire another reader to follow in your footsteps!

Health and Happiness,
🙂 Jess


Jess Jones has been writing and inspiring readers with her blog, Journey with Jess Jones, since early 2011. You’ll find a combination of her major passions of travel, photography, inspiration and health/fitness. Currently travelling extensively in South and Central America, learning Spanish as she makes her way through the Journey List! Jess invites you to join her on this wild adventure one laugh, story, and photo at a time! Check out her Facebook Page! Follow her on Twitter and Google+!


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