I Actually Did It…I Moved Back Home To Perth!!

If you’ve read my about me page, you’ll know that I’ve been away from home for 13 years! I always said “I’ll NEVER move back to Perth!” but the time has come. And I’m ready for it!

I’d been thinking seriously about it for the last 2 years. A long time, I know. You see the truth is I haven’t been as happy as I could be…and for quite a lengthy period now. My childhood dream of becoming a movie star hasn’t been accomplished, I haven’t met “the one” yet and I’ve had no family living in the same State as me for a very long time. This has made my life, well, suck a bit at times.

I think sometimes in life when things just aren’t going the way you want them to, you have to be brave and bold enough to completely remove yourself from the situation. Such as changing jobs or moving overseas or interstate. This is not something new to me; I’ve done it many times before, but although I did move back home to Perth for 1 year before living in New York a few years back, this time feels different. It really feels like I’m coming home. And that I’m starting a new life for myself, and it’s exciting!

I honestly really never thought I’d move back to Perth. I remember in my first, probably 7 years of being away, whenever I’d come home for Christmas I couldn’t wait to get back over East! But as time has gone on and my parents have gotten older, family has become more important. Knowing I’ll have my family around me for support, especially my amazing mum who I’m very close to, is a big factor in wanting to come home. I’ve missed her so much it brings tears to my eyes to think about it. I’ve really missed being able to drop in on family whenever I feel like it – a simple luxury easily taken for granted.

What’s been holding me back, is my fear of ‘career suicide’ if I move back to little ol’ Perth! Even though the last 4-5 years my focus has shifted from acting to health & wellness, there’s still that hope that one day I’ll get that lucky break, that my childhood dream will at last become a reality. So the thought of moving home seemed like I’d be taking myself further away from that dream as there’s really very little work for actors here.

Coffee with my Mum 🙂

Many of my friends have asked me “so what was it that finally made you decide to move back?” Well with the risk of sounding a bit woo woo, it was a visit to an amazing medium in Melbourne last year in December that helped me find clarity. Her name is Jo and I decided to see her on the very positive recommendations of two friends of mine. I’ve seen clairvoyants and psychics before, and always when I feel I’m at a bit of a cross-road in my life. If they’re good, I find it extremely helpful and encouraging.

Jo was fantastic! This was my first reading where a spirit came into the room, and this spirit was my grandpa. She told me things about him that she just couldn’t have known. She told me he sounded very English and proper and that he was carrying a bible in his hands – my grandpa lived in England and was a Canon in the church heirarchy! She then told me that grandpa said his prayers are with me and that he wants me to read the bible and study. Study then came up quite a few times throughout the reading.

The first thing Jo then said after my grandpa faded away, was that she could see me moving from Melbourne…and soon. Bingo! I felt relieved this had come up so soon in the reading. She predicted March, I left in April. She asked me where I was thinking and I told her either Perth or Sydney. I explained that my heart was aching to be around family but that I was worried it would be a mistake, and that Sydney would perhaps be a better option. I already knew Melbourne was no longer where I should be.  She was quick to assure me that Perth would be an excellent decision – doors would open for me there rather than close she said, and there would be some form of higher learning that I would be very good at. A hidden talent I haven’t discovered yet but would flourish in. She also saw romance and success in an online business 🙂

After seeing Jo, I felt a massive sense of relief. Of course you shouldn’t take what mediums and clairvoyants etc say as gospel, but it definitely informed my decision to give Perth a go. I think if I trusted my gut a little more, I would have ended up here anyway.

So, my top three tips for anyone who’s at a cross-road in their life, whether similar to me or different, would be:

  1. Remove yourself from the situation. That could mean changing careers or jobs, moving overseas or interstate, ending a relationship etc.
  2. Be open to the spiritual realm. Think about seeing a psychic, clairvoyant or medium for guidance. It does seem a bit scary at first, but its great fun and fascinating.
  3. Do some coaching. Whether that’s in the form of finding a mentor, doing a weekend personal development course, reading some books or listening to audio tapes such as Tony Robbins; all of this makes a difference.

Have you been at a cross-road in your life? How did you decide which path to take? Love to hear from you!

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  1. says

    Good luck Liz! Just like you, my time in Melbourne is coming to an end too (after 8 years!) I’m heading back to litl’ old NZ so def understand what you’ve been doing through in making the decision to relocate!

  2. says

    No worries Elizabeth Rose. You are still very young and really can’t make a bad decision (well, at least when it comes to where you are living). Life and your purpose will find you no matter where you are.

  3. Jessica says

    Sad to hear you’d not been as happy as you could be, glad you’re focusing on your inner health! After all, in the end, health is all we have, be it emotional, physical and/or mental!

    We miss you! lots of love and light!

  4. Karen says

    Hi Liz,
    So lovely to come across your blog. I am currently living in London after travelling for a couple of years. I have dreams of living in Paris and New York, but also feel a pull back home to my family! Perth is such a beautiful city xxx

    • says

      Hi Karen, thank you so much for your message. It’s always nice hearing from people going through similar experiences! I never made it to London but will one day I’m sure! NYC is amazing! I dream of living in Paris a few months of every year :-). All the best with your travels and decisions you make…listen to your heart. Liz x

  5. Kylie says

    Hey Liz,

    I found this as I too am a ex-perth girl, in Melbourne and have been torn about heading home for the good part of a year now! It’s such a hard decision.. but I guess you can always move again later in life! I think that being single makes it a lot harder to be away from your family. Wanting to settle (buy a house, have children) makes is making it a hard decision for me, and having a partner who does freelance work and has built a name for himself. Wondering who the medium you saw was?
    Hope Perth is working out well for you!

    Kylie x

    • says

      Hi Kylie! Thanks for your comment. Yes all those things you mentioned make it a hard decision – which it should be as they’re important things! It was a very difficult decision for me, but I guess not having a partner made it easier to leave…this must be hard for you. The medium is a lovely woman named Jo…I shall email you her number 🙂

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