Spring Clean Your Body (part 1)

I love this time of year. Not only for the obvious change in weather, but because spring symbolises new beginnings, a fresh start, a season to blossom and grow, and the perfect time to clean your house – both in the literal sense and the house inside your body.

In this 2 part series, I will reveal how I intend to spring clean my body and mind. I feel the desire to reset my energy, health and state of mind to help launch me into a new phase in my life (that begins with the relaunch of this baby).

Perhaps you’re ready to do some spring cleaning yourself! Has winter kept you hibernating in a deliberate state of retreat? Have you been working on some big projects that are almost ready to come into fruition? Does your energy feel a bit flat and your body, mind and soul feel like they need a good tune up?


Spring Clean Your Body

// The first thing I’ve been doing is working with a naturopath/homeopath to help with eliminating candida and parasites. I went to see an intergrative GP first, as I had a feeling I may have picked up something in Bali, and was tested for loads of different parasites, bacteria, helicobacter pylori infection, plus also vitamin levels, thyroid function, liver function etc, as I’ve been so fatigued. Nothing was detected, and I made the intuitive decision to see the naturopath before going back to the doctor (if I decide to), as I’m certain it’s candida and parasites and the naturopath agrees with me. I’ll write a separate post on all of this in 4-6 weeks time 🙂

// I’ve gone back to a paleo diet which is far more easier in the warmer months! I was a paleo advocate for so long, but over the last 6-12mths I’ve allowed more grains into my diet. Perhaps this has contributed to the candida and fatigue…I will soon find out. I’ve also started eating much more red meat again after going months with eating it sparingly, and have fallen in love with Gin Gin grass fed beef! OMG, their herb sausages are to die for!

// I’ve started shopping at the Subiaco farmers markets again for my organic fruit & veg, Gin Gin meat, wild caught salmon, fermented sauerkraut & kimchi, superfoods, plus enjoy a yummy omelette and chai tea too! I adore bumping into so many health & wellness bloggers there, and it’s such a lovely way to kick off a Saturday. If you see me there, come and say “hi”!

// I’m going to do the Pure Glow juice cleanse. I cannot wait to do this! This is the ultimate cleanse. As I’m having minimal sugar right now, I will probably hold off a few weeks, but I’ll definitely do a review once I’ve completed it.

// I bought a Nutribullet! Hoorah! Waaay less expensive than the Vitamix and it makes the smoothest smoothies ever smoothed 🙂

Some other suggestions:

  • Upon rising have a tall glass of warm water with lemon juice and 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar before food to aid digestion.
  • Include lots of fermented foods in your diet (i.e. sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir)
  • Move your body – weights, yoga, running, walking, pilates – whatever tickles your fancy, just make sure you have a couple of sweat sessions per week!
  • If you’re feeling sluggish in your digestive system, eat less meat and more veggies (in fact, do this anyway!).
  • Try oil pulling first thing in the morning before food, with coconut oil and oregano oil to extract bacteria and candida from your mouth.
  • Do a juice cleanse or a full 4 week detox, cutting out wheat, dairy, gluten, sugar and alcohol and include the above suggestions. That will definitely spring clean your body!

What about you lovely? Are you feeling the need to spring clean your body?

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