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I’ve got something really exciting to share with you that I’m LOVING right now! Are you ladies ready to completely turn your health and fitness around and lose weight at the same time? Then you’d definitely be interested in the Complete Lifestyle Transformation program! It’s similar to doing a detox but without totally depriving yourself. All the recipes and meal plans are filled with nutritious, yummy, wholefood recipes written by nutritionists and other health care professionals.


As many of you would know, I’m an advocate of a wholefood supplement called Juice Plus. I take it daily and always recommend it to my clients, friends and family as it has sooo many wonderful benefits. Juice Plus also has an amazing product called Complete – a nutritious, all-natural powdered drink mix that provides balanced nutrition in every sachet. Juice Plus Complete is made from 100% natural plant-based nutritional sources – just like all Juice Plus products. It comes in dutch chocolate or vanilla flavour and tastes delicious!

Complete Lifestyle Transformation Program…

In a nutshell, the program consists of replacing one meal a day with a Complete smoothie, and following the meal plans given for your other main meals and snacks (vegan and vegetarian options available). Simples!

What I absolutely adore about this program is that it really is a complete lifestyle transformation and is SO easy to follow. We’ve already had an impressive 500+ women begin the progam since the launch in January, and they’re all losing unwanted stubborn fat and becoming healthier and fitter thanks to the amazing meal plans, smoothie ideas and exercise programs. Yep, a lifestyle transformation! And you’ll still be detoxing your system from eating clean, unprocessed, low sugar wholefoods and no caffeine (if you choose).

My other fave thing about the Complete Lifestyle Transformation program, is the supportive community. We have a private Facebook page and forum for the women doing the program, and it’s extremely interactive! Loads of women posting they’re own smoothie recipes, pics of meals they’ve prepared, how much weight they’ve already lost, and supporting each other.

Watcha Gonna Pay For This

Would you believe that you get this 8 week program for the cost of purchasing the Compete sachets only?! There’s no added cost for the meal plans, recipes, exercise programs or forum. It’s all included! I’m so proud of all the health care professionals who’ve put this program together. It’s amazing value and is already affecting many women’s lives in such a positive way!

The cost of the Complete for 8 weeks is only $266, and you get access to the Facebook page and forum where you can download all the free programs to completely transform your life. You’ll lose weight, tone up and feel fitter and healthier from the nutritious Complete smoothies, meal plans & recipes and exercise programs. PLUS you’ll meet other like-minded women after the same thing…a healthier, slimmer and fitter bod.

Awesome! How Do I Sign Up?

Just email myself at and I’ll send you the order form and give you access to the forum and program once your order has been processed. Simples 🙂

If you’re not ready to start this program, you could always purchase my meal plans first. Check ’em out here.

Liz xx


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