5 Ways To Experience More JOY In Your Life


I’ve got an insightful and juicy question for you to ask yourself, perhaps whilst meditating, and that is ‘how much joy am I experiencing on a day-to-day basis?’ Really sit with this meaningful question and see what comes up for you. It may be an instantaneous response or you may need to work through a […]

I Am So Happy Right Now I Could BURST!

elizabeth rose & rachel macdonald

Right now, I feel like I’m floating. I feel light, inspired, purposeful and like everything I’ve ever wanted is flowing my way, bit by bit, just as it should. The Beautiful You Coaching Academy is largely, and gratefully, the reason behind my glowing sense of ‘hell yeah, I’m on the right path’ feeling Rewind two […]

Introvert vs Extrovert (which one are you?)


Holy moly, did I resonate with Sarah Wilson’s blog post about why introverts just can’t handle you…sometimes or what! Every couple of sentences I was nodding my head agreeing with everything she was saying. You see, I belong to the same club as Sarah and many others belong to… Hello, my name is Elizabeth Rose […]

Body Image + What I Would Have Told My Younger Self

elizabeth rose body image

  Aah, the innocence of this very shy 15 year old. This was my first modelling shoot which I begged my mother to let me do. Interesting that I was very shy and lacking in self-confidence considering all I wanted to do was be a famous actress and a model like my mum! But I […]

The Story Of My Family’s Journey With Candi (part 7)

Journey with Candice

For those of you who’ve been following my posts about my sister’s journey since her accident almost two years ago, my apologies for not updating you sooner! If you’d like to get up to speed, you might like to read this post or start from the beginning. Well, last October we held a very successful […]

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