Do You Compare Yourself To Others?


Comparing yourself to others (aka comparisonitis), is an icky feeling I’d say most women have suffered from at least a few times throughout their life…I know I have. Comparing yourself to others, although somewhat natural, is a dangerous trap to fall into as although you will eventually pull yourself out of it, you may be […]

A Snapshot In The Life Of…Vanessa Millar (body-love coach)

vanessa millar

Vanessa Millar is a Body-Love Coach + Yoga Teacher + Holistic Health Coach + Reiki Practitioner on a mission to help women find acceptance, connection and love, in their own skin. Vanessa has experienced her own personal struggles with body-image, self-esteem and emotional eating, leading her through periods of anxiety, depression, bulimia and binge eating. Having made an inspiring recovery, despite facing some incredibly heart-breaking challenges, she feels blessed to be able to share everything she knows and everything she has learned with women, just like her, all over the world.

7 Ways To Get Your Mojo Back!

how to get your spark back

We’ve all had them, those days/weeks/months where we feel a little sub-par. You can’t quite put your finger on why you feel this way, but you know you’ve lost your mojo. You’re not depressed, but you’re not sparkly either. That spring in your step? It’s gone flat. Your enthusiasm and zest for life? It’s become […]

Introvert vs Extrovert (which one are you?)


Holy moly, did I resonate with Sarah Wilson’s blog post about why introverts just can’t handle you…sometimes or what! Every couple of sentences I was nodding my head agreeing with everything she was saying. You see, I belong to the same club as Sarah and many others belong to… Hello, my name is Elizabeth Rose […]

How I Think Myself Slim

How I Think Myself Thin

Without fail, all the times in my life when I’m at my ‘happy weight’ and think myself slim with ease, are always been when I’m not obsessing over my weight as I’m in a space of love not fear. The second I let fear take over by criticising my body, scrutinizing over what I’m eating, […]

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