How I’m Learning To Trust The Universe…Even When Sh*t Happens!

Do you trust in the Uni-verse? Do you believe that the Universe has a plan for you? I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. I’ve been thinking, “okay Universe, you’ve dished out some pretty shitty cards recently…isn’t it time to start sending me some outrageously positive ones now?! What lesson/s do I still need to learn here?”

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When The Blues Strikes….

I’ll be honest with ya’ll. I’m in the blues at the moment. It won’t last for long, I’m good at pulling myself out of it, but for now I’m going to own my feelings. It’s okay to feel sad every now and again, right? We all have periods in our lives that are a bit suckey, and times when we perhaps indulge too much in feeling sorry for ourselves!

There’s a few reasons why I’m feeling the way I am. My sister’s accident has been tough…the daily hospital visits are starting to wear me down a bit. Only when she’s in pain though…when she’s feeling good when I see her, it’s a joy being able to sit with her and put a smile on her beautiful face. But when she’s crying in pain it’s, well, gut wrenching and I leave with knots in my stomach. No one wants to see their loved ones suffering…it’s human nature to want to protect your loved ones and take their pain away.

I think I’ve been doing a pretty good job of getting on with life. I’ve perhaps pushed down my feelings of anguish in a bid to ‘carry on’ so it doesn’t affect my life any more than it already has. It’s not like I can be training a client and suddenly break down it tears (man have I wanted to though!)…so instead, I’ve used my own tactics and survival tricks to handle my emotions so I can continue on. I don’t think it’s healthy to ignore them for too long though. Your emotions need to be free and to come to the surface…this tends to happen to me when I’m driving for some reason. Maybe it’s the solitude.

Anyhoo, I just recently had my heart broken and this blow on top of a blow is what has brought on the blues for me…BIG TIME. It’s funny, I’ve been rewriting this paragraph for the last 30 minutes, trying to say what’s happened without saying what’s happened! Haha, it’s proving very difficult! The truth is, I don’t want to reveal too much at this early stage…I don’t think it’s fair. But I will say this – I opened up my heart and allowed myself to feel deeply for someone in a way I haven’t known for a very long time. And while it lasted, it was a beautiful thing that I have no regrets about experiencing….I just wish I didn’t have to feel the way I’m feeling right now. I’ve written about heartbreak before and what it’s like being a single girl in my 30’s here…very much hoping this doesn’t become a running theme on my blog!

Look Out For the Signs, The Messages…

Last Friday I decided to put my trust back in the Universe, and a few important messages were sent to me. The first two came from a book I picked up at this bookstore I love going to called The Inspiration Factory. The book was called Believe, and it was the first book I saw when I walked in. So I picked it up and decided to open it up at random places. This book is filled with inspiring quotes, and the first one I read was a quote by Thomas Edison…

When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: you haven’t.

I love the simplicity of this quote…straight to the point and so incredibly true! The next quote I read, was the following one by Pamela Melroy…

In your life’s journey, there will be excitement and fulfillment, boredom and routine, and even the occasional train wreck… But when you have picked a dream that is bigger than you personally, that truly reflects the ideals that you cherish, and that can positively affect others, then you will always have another reason for carrying on.

Later that afternoon I dropped over to Kate’s place, one of my oldest and dearest friends who over the years has done a lot of work on developing her spirituality and intuition. I chatted to her about my situation, had a bit of a cry, and then the next thing I knew Kate pulled out a deck of Louis Hay affirmation cards, and told me to think clearly about my situation and then to pick out 3 cards. In this order, these are the affirmations I randomly picked…

  1. I am willing to forgive – forgiveness of myself & others releases me from the past. Forgiveness is the answer to almost every problem. Forgiveness is a gift to myself. I forgive & I set myself free.
  2. I forgive myself – as I forgive myself, I leave behind all feelings of not being good enough, & I am free to love myself.
  3. My future is glorious – I now live in limitless love, light & joy. All is well in my world.

Hmmm. At first I couldn’t understand why I had picked 2 about forgiveness. I said to Kate, “but I am very forgiving, I never hold grudges on people”, and Kate asked me if I was forgiving of myself, and did I love myself. I said yes, but later that evening on my own, I really thought about it. I realised that I have deep respect for myself, particularly my health & body, but I perhaps don’t love myself enough. I tried to think of some of the negative self-talk that goes on in my head, and yeah, I put myself down a bit…perhaps a little more than I should. I’ve always had high expectations of myself, and I guess that’s not being very forgiving, is it? It’s like the Universe is saying to me, learn to love and forgive yourself, and then your future will be glorious, filled with limitless love, light & joy. Rather poignant.

Later that evening, I decided to invest in my personal and financial growth and signed up to Denise Duffield-Thomas’ 6 week Lucky Bitch Bootcamp! I just love the name! My friend completed the course and has signed up to do it again, that’s how much she got out of it, including an increase in her income by 65% in those 6 weeks! This is yet another thing I felt drawn to last Friday…I’m really listening to what the Universe is telling me.

My Tips For Dealing With The Blues…

  1. Go within and listen to your intuition. What is it telling you? What are you being drawn to? Open your awareness.
  2. The power of affirmations are incredible. To pull myself out of sadness, I say positive affirmations. It really does make you feel better, trust me.
  3. Do a personal development course. Working on yourself brings up a lot of ‘stuff’ but it’s very rewarding and necessary for personal growth and wisdom.
  4. Love yourself more. You are beautiful.
  5. Practice gratitude. I know it’s hard when you’re feeling down, but it’s still very important. No matter how bad things seem, there’s always someone else out there who’s doing it harder than you.
  6. Be open to the messages coming to you from the Universe….they come in many different ways!
  7. Don’t go out and drown your sorrows! You’ll feel like shit the next day….I can promise you that.

What are your ways of dealing with the blues? Do you believe the Universe has a plan for us all? Do you listen to its messages? Do tell, I’d love to hear from you!


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