My Light Bulb Moment That Has Gotten Me So Darn Excited!!!

I had a light-bulb moment last Thursday night at about 9.30pm. Yep, I went into my room and was about to hop into bed when it suddenly came to me…this light bulb moment…and I got so excited by this sudden realisation that I walked out of my room with a dumbfounded yet thrilled look on my face and gleefully told my mum what it was, giving her a big hug at the same time coz I was just so damn excited!!

This excitement was due to the fact I could reaaally visualise this becoming a reality!!

What led to this light bulb moment was that in the space of 48 hours I fortuitously came across 2 inspiring and thought provoking blog posts (that were EXACTLY what I needed to be reading), had an incredible coaching session with my new mentor and got a sneek peek at a video about choosing which environment and country you’d most love to live in on Dr Kisane’s soon to be released Life Bucket online business coaching program. All of these had an effect on me, building up one on top of the other until it reached a crescendo in my light-bulb moment! Want to know what this moment was that has gotten me so damn excited?? Keep reading on 🙂

Let’s start with my mentoring session with the amazing Jason Grossman. Jason is a business coach to fitness professionals worldwide, a performance coach, weight loss specialist, motivational speaker and a mind coach (neuro linguistic programming – NLP – is something I’ve been interested in for a long long time). Jason picked up on something really early on in our coaching session after listening to me talk about what my main goals are for the next 6 months…what he heard me repeatedly say was the word ‘try’. Before he told me I had said this whilst describing my goals, he asked me what ‘try’ means to me. This seemed like a bit of a left of center question as I didn’t know what it was leading to, but I responded with something along the lines of “that you don’t really believe you can do it”. Jason then dropped the bomb that I had said ‘try’ 5 times…oooh dear!! This was a fantastic lesson on being conscious of my thoughts and words and the effect it has on my belief system. It also forced me to look deep inside and ask myself what is it that’s stopping me from believing in myself and achieving what I really want in life.

The following day I read two amazing blog posts and watched the Life Bucket video – all of them subconsciously stirring something inside of me that led to this light bulb moment at approximately 9.30pm. This first blog post was from Sarah Wilson’s blog (my idol) and is about her jetting off to Europe with no real plan in mind. Sarah’s challenge is “trusting that I need to move on, often. And being OK with moving one dot at a time.” And looking out for serendipitous opportunities. This resonated a lot with me, as I’ve always had this ‘moving on’ feeling! Maybe it has something to do with moving around a lot as a kid. If I told you how many houses I’ve lived in throughout my entire life, you’d probably fall over – my friends sometimes joke about this (yes, I’m talking about you Krissy!! ;-)).  Or maybe I’m just a free spirit, good with change and happy to float from one place to another, seeking those serendipitous opportunities. It does get tiring however, and lonely sometimes when those opportunites just don’t arrive. And when it does?  I stop. I ground myself. And I create stability – until the spirit inside of me decides it’s time to fly again.

When Does The Searching End?

When you find happiness? No…It’s when you follow your joyI wrote about this in a post about happiness. As Dr Robert Holden says “there’s a difference between searching for happiness and following your joy. Searching suggests it isn’t here yet. Following is more present tense – you’re choosing rather than chasing.” This is still something I’m working on – the follow your joy bit – as for 17 years that joy was pursuing an acting career. Part of me still wants that, but a large part of that has been so disheartened and broken from not achieving my childhood and adult dream that I’ve had to look elsewhere and find other interests that will bring me joy…and I think I’m on the right path! That light bulb moment that I’ll be revealing to you shortly, is this path!

I then read an extremely motivating blog post from Women Incredible. This post was all about amazing women who have gone out there and pursued their dream…and are living their dream!

“For every dire or desperate situation that you can think of there is someone who has somehow found a way out of it. Whether through absolute grit and determination, or luck, or the right support or just the right timing they have risen from the depths of hopelessness or plain old boredom and dissatisfaction and created a dream for themselves that most people will admire, congratulate, fantasise about and then never ever do anything to truly create a similar change in their own lives.”

After reading this post about all these inspiring women who had done exactly that – created a dream for themselves – and then watching the Life Bucket vid that gave lots of examples of different environments (country life, city life, tropical island, yacht, the mountains etc) that we can choose to live in…and I mean, reaaally choose to live in if our heart so desires; It got my subconscious mind thinking and plotting and dreaming, until I had a sudden flash  of clarity…my light bulb moment….


And I CAN actually do this because I’m building a career that will allow me to work and live wherever I choose!

soon to be me!

You see the thing is, I absolutely love traveling and experiencing new cultures…LOVE IT! But I also love my family and up until recently, had been away from them for 13 years, so the thought of coming home and then potentially moving away again was very upsetting to me. This was until my moment of clarity made me visualise and realise that I can do both! I can live in Europe half the year having a house big enough so family and friends can visit, and I can live in Perth half the year!

Of course there are few minor details I will need work and build on to make this a reality, but at least now I’m clear on what I want. And the possibilities are endless!! Imagine the myriad of deliciously exciting, interesting and visually beautiful posts, video blogs and interviews I could blog about for you guys! It’s a writers/presenters/artists dream! And I’m gonna live it!

So, over to you now. I’ve put this out there for the world to read, holding me accountable to my dream. What about you? What is it that you truly, deeply want? Leave a comment below!


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    Wow Liz, Congratulations and good on you for putting it out there to be held accountable! I love the concept, but am finding it heard to find my way back 😉

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