My Whirlwind Romance With A German Pilot (part 2)

If you missed part 1 of this little love story of mine, you might like to get the low down first by clicking here. Once I booked my ticket there was no turning back! The other models I was living with in Manila couldn’t believe I was flying to a country I’d never been to […]

My Thoughts On Goal Setting For 2013

Goal setting is one of those things you either love doing, don’t bother with or procrastinate the sh*t over! Are you one of those people that kinda thinks in your head about the goals you’d like to set out and achieve but don’t put thoughts to paper or make a measurable action plan? Me too! […]

Identifying What Your Dream Life Is!

To follow on from my “Light Bulb Moment” post last week, as it seemed to inspire a few of you, I thought I’d write a post on how to identify your dream life, including your dream career. My Journey So Far Finding out what you really want in life can be tricky. At least it […]

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