What Exactly Is ‘Clean Eating’ And How Can I Embrace It?

Guest Post What exactly is ‘clean eating’?  I think many people hear the words ‘clean eating’ and either don’t understand what it means or think it’s too hard and difficult to embrace in their busy lives. Clean eating isn’t hard and it is definitely possible to do.  It’s actually a very simple and easy way […]

My Top 20 Favourite Healthy Foods

I just love filling my body up with nutrient-dense wholefoods. Foods that support my health, mood, energy levels and weight…I bet you do too. Trust me when I say it has taken years of education, dedication and trial and error to understand which foods produce the best result for my body. My guess is that […]

This Is How I Live A Healthy Holistic Lifestyle (part 2)

yoga on the beach

In part 1 of this series, I focused on how to make lasting lifestyle changes. This is a key ingredient to living a healthy, holistic lifestyle, which encompasses your belief, body and bliss (aka mind, body and soul). Now I’m going to share with you exactly what I do and the areas I focus on […]

This Is How I Live A Healthy Holistic Lifestyle (part 1)

living a lasting healthy lifestyle

Something I am super passionate about is helping women live a healthy, holistic lifestyle through my coaching , blog posts, newsletters and personal training. Nothing beats feeling healthy, right? It completely changes the way we feel about ourselves and this has a domino effect on everything else in our life from our relationships, careers/ businesses, confidence levels […]

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