Why Gut Health Is SO Important (especially during pregnancy)

why gut health is so important during pregnancy

Hey gorgeous If you’re interested in gut health, feeling amazing, your health in general PLUS are pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant soon, this post is a must read… Like loads of people, for many years now I’ve had issues with my gut. It started at the age of 17 when I was working in […]

7 Essential Ways To Survive The Silly Season


  I can smell it in the air…you know that buzz when summer is almost in full flight and the silly season too? Parties, functions, get-together’s…it’s all about to start. And whilst I’m a big believer in letting your hair down and havin’ some capital ‘F’ fun, this is definitely the time of year when it’s easy […]

My Coffee Story (plus the pros & cons of caffeine)

the pros and cons of coffee

I love coffee. The taste, the smell, the experience. I particularly love waking up on the weekends and having a coffee at a cafe with my fiancé , or meeting up with friends for a ‘coffee’. However, I’ve known for years now that coffee does not agree with my Primal Patten Diet Type. I’m what’s called […]

Spring Clean Your Body (part 1)

I love this time of year. Not only for the obvious change in weather, but because spring symbolises new beginnings, a fresh start, a season to blossom and grow, and the perfect time to clean your house – both in the literal sense and the house inside your body. In this 2 part series, I […]

7 Reasons To Combine Yoga & Weight Training


I absolutely adore both yoga & weight training for different reasons that I’ll share with you shortly. I started lifting weights when I was 16yrs old and fell in love with yoga when I was around 20, so you could say I’ve been practicing both for quite a number of years! I’ll often find myself […]

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