Why Women Want To Have The ‘Thigh Gap’ (part 3)

As I wrote in part 1 of this series, attaining a thigh gap has come up quite a bit in the media recently. When I was very young there was a bit of fuss around this topic amongst the girls in my class, but since grade 5 I’ve probably only thought about the thigh gap […]

Why Women Want To Have The ‘Thigh Gap’ (part 2)

In part 1, I talked about the real reason women want the thigh gap and the lengths some women, particularly young girls, will go to. I do not pass judgement on women for wanting leaner legs – there’s nothing wrong with wanting that if it’s a genuine goal of yours, especially if you’re wanting to […]

Why Women Want To Have The ‘Thigh Gap’ (part 1)

Ah, the elusive thigh gap. This desire a lot of women have has been showing up a lot in the media lately. Why this is being publicised as a sudden obsession is a little beyond me. I remember being in grade 5 and scrutinising over my legs and the size of the gap between my […]

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