Why Women Want To Have The ‘Thigh Gap’ (part 2)

In part 1, I talked about the real reason women want the thigh gap and the lengths some women, particularly young girls, will go to. I do not pass judgement on women for wanting leaner legs – there’s nothing wrong with wanting that if it’s a genuine goal of yours, especially if you’re wanting to […]

A Snapshot In The Life Of…Claire Baker (holistic health coach, blogger)

Claire Baker is a life-loving holistic health coach and yoga teacher-in-training with a permanent travel bug and zeal for true happiness and healing. Addicted to living authentically with gutsy passion and purpose and helping others to do the same, she digs peppermint tea, medjool dates, a good belly laugh and wearing yoga pants all day. Come […]

Juicing vs Blending: Which Is Better?

This is a much talked about subject! Should you juice and should you blend? My opinion is, do both! Both techniques have their wonderful health benefits and should have a place in your daily/weekly routine. Juicing I think the infographic above does a great job at showing us the differences between the two! The main […]

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