7 Ways To Deal With A Breakup

Ah breakups, we’ve all been there. They truly do suck with a capital S. They suck even more if you were the dumpee and you still deeply love your ex. Unrequited love is a painful thing but something that is shared by many. Trust me when I say I have been there and wholeheartedly understand […]

Are You Ready To Start Your Own Blog?

I’ve got to be honest with you – starting a blog has literally changed my life. Not only has it been a fantastic source of creative expression and personal growth (boy, have I grown!), it has enabled me to build a platform where I get to coach, inspire, motivate and connect with women just like […]

How To Live Your Loves And Enjoy Life!

Guest Post I have been on quite a few trips over the last year and it always makes me realise once more that travel, exploring and having fun in foreign places is what I love doing (one of many things I love doing I should say). Yes it costs money, so what? Yes it takes […]

The Upside Of Being Single And How To Embrace The Heck Out Of It!

Enjoy being single

Guest Post I’ve been single for 379 days. For a serial long term dater, that’s quite a feat. That’s 3 447 385 hours. 206 843 040 minutes. It’s 758 showers. 1137 meals. 1516 trips to the bathroom. It’s 2117 left swipes on Tinder. 4 first kisses. 2 sexual health checks. It’s also a lot of […]

The Pain Felt From Falling Out With A Friend

the pain felt from a falling out with a friend

It hit me hard, right in my heart. One of my closest friends had literally shut me out of her life. The door to our beautiful friendship had been closed and I was left in a perpetual state of sadness and longing… Longing for her to reply to my texts, calls and emails. Longing for […]

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