7 Ways To Deal With A Breakup

Ah breakups, we’ve all been there. They truly do suck with a capital S. They suck even more if you were the dumpee and you still deeply love your ex. Unrequited love is a painful thing but something that is shared by many. Trust me when I say I have been there and wholeheartedly understand […]

How To Open Your Heart In A New Relationship

It’s not always easy to open your heart and be vulnerable in a new relationship…especially if your heart has been broken in the past. It’s a natural reaction to want to protect your heart to evade further emotional pain. So you close it off with a protective wall so you don’t have to feel emotions […]

5 Ways You Can Meet Mr Right (online dating + tinder not included!)

5 ways you can meet your soul mate

Are you single and over online dating and tinder? I don’t blame you! That’s not to say you can’t meet Mr Right (aka soul mate) using these services, but if it has’t worked out for you so far, you’d probably love some other ideas! Here are 5 ways you can meet Mr Right… 1. At […]

7 Steps To a Self-Loving Life

self love

Do you ever feel as though you’re your own worst enemy at times? Like if you could just give yourself a break and speak kindly to yourself, your world would be infinitely brighter? Me too. When I really stop and think about it, it seems strange to me that I’d occasionally have negative thoughts about […]

Finding Love Again (part 1)

Oh lordy, have I been looking forward to writing this series or what! I’ve been looking forward to it for a couple of reasons. The first one being that it’s just so exciting I’m actually writing that I’m no longer a single girl in my thirties (woo hoo!!). And the second one is because I […]

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