My Thoughts On Goal Setting For 2013

goal setting

Goal setting is one of those things you either love doing, don’t bother with or procrastinate the sh*t over! Are you one of those people that kinda thinks in your head about the goals you’d like to set out and achieve but don’t put thoughts to paper or make a measurable action plan? Me too! […]

My Top 20 Exercise Nutrition And Healthy Living Beliefs


Welcome to my very first post! If you haven’t already, you might like to head over to my ‘about’ pages first, to find out a little about me and about what you can expect on this blog. I’m very excited to be sharing my knowledge, stories and interviews on this blog, and I hope you get a lot out of visiting this site :-)
1 – Move your body every day. Choose 3-4 days a week to train hard for 20-40 minutes. The other days can be softer movements like walking or yoga. Always be thinking of ways to implement ‘incidental exercise’…

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